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  • Traveling the 🌎 for 500 Rs/day- Story of Tomislav Perko
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  • Iraq
    Enlightenment on TravelWhat are you waiting for? Get GoingTravel with no Money
    Everyone dreams of traveling the world, but money often holds people back? But what if money was no issue? This is a story about Tomislav Perko from Croatia. He spent around 5 years traveling the world with almost zero money. Sounds astounding, right? But it's true.
  • Santa Marianita
    Santa Marianita
    Never say never attitude Take positives from defeats in lifeCrisis to life changing experience
    Perko has traveled to more than 40 countries and 31,000 miles in five years. He was also a regular, everyday guy- one who every new and then tries to do something unique and extraordinary. In 2008 financial crisis, he lost his job and started off on a challenging adventure!
  • Agra
    Extracting motivation from around Keep calm! Something good is comingHis adventures on his trip
    Talking about his inspiration, he says "I actually never thought of traveling the world. I come from a country where travelers are seen as 'those who need to do something better with their lives' but everytime I met travelers, I saw a spark in their eyes. I wanted that light.
  • Sydney
    Quirkiness to earn on the Road Follow your instinctsWillingness​ to Travel
    Talking about how he earns money on the go, he says, “ 1.  I write my blog & post on social media. 2.  I busk. I play the guitar on the streets, even though I’m not a musician. 3.  I found some normal jobs in rich countries."
  • Nigeria
    Learnings for LifeBeating the money issue for travel
    This quest saw him experience the splendours of the southern atmosphere, moving from Asia to Australia, to Africa and South America –all of this done while essentially living on pocket change.
  • Argentina
    40 Countries in 5 YearsLife of a traveler Travel Light
    Traveling is a humbling experience. Everything I've learned was based on where and how I grew up – but traveling teaches you how different environments lead to different conclusions. All you've got to do is get started and you'll meet people who will help you find your journey!


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