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  • Our Mysore Dasara Celebration this Year🕌
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    Sahil Taneja
  • Mysore Palace
    Mysore Palace
    City decorated like a BrideStay in HostelsThe history behind the Festival
    The festival of Mysore Dasara is similar to the 'Navratras' we have in North India. The festival comes up with the feeling of victory of good over evil.
  • Mysore Road
    Mysore Road
    Book your travel tickets in advanceExotic Food during celebrations Listening to astounding stories
    It is the grandeur and pomp of the festival which I absolutely loved. Everything is Majestic - the palace, the elephants and the festivities all around.
  • Mysore division
    Mysore division
    Carry a Printed Copy of City MapProsperous fairs around the CityA Peek into the History
    It was a treat visiting Mysore during the Festival. There is great Food everywhere, one can watch artisans churn out masterpieces, listen to some astounding stories. The. City totally surprised me with its assets!
  • Mysore Road
    Mysore Road
    Get a guide to understand history 1 Millions bulbs decorating cityExclusive Handicraft Fairs
    I saw plenty of fairs around the key parts of the city. It also embeds within itself an exhibition of the prestigious temples of Mysore and it's splendorous handicraft, some of which are crafted for sale and some of it is antique and kept just as show-pieces.
  • Mysore Road
    Mysore Road
    Enthusiasm of Locals Travel on Foot to Avoid ParkingMagnificent Flower Show
    I heard that initially the Festival was celebrated with Torches and Candles. Even though, fancy bulbs have replaced the torches and people no more come with their elephants from the nearby kingdoms- but everything else felt the same to the times of Vijayanagara Kingdom.


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    Sahil Taneja
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