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  • My Bagpacking stories
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    Ashwin Pillai
  • Aguada Fort
    Aguada Fort
    PeaceGo in eveningU can see only water and greenery
    Enlighten soul
  • Dudhsagar Falls
    Dudhsagar Falls
    Everything out derThe viewDont go in rainy seasonThe route till there
    I had heard about the place ..but when I went there it's nothing like what I heard ,it was more enormous and close to nature.Nothing can match the feel when you get there
  • Dudhsagar Falls Railway Bridge
    Dudhsagar Falls Railway Bridge
  • Chapora Fort
    Chapora Fort
    Peaceful AmbienceEveningPanaromic view Sun sets fast and time flew fast
    I traveled solo there to discover new place but I discovered many aspects of me that even I dint knew
  • Panjim
    LakeSunsetGo in eveningNight you cant see anything 😀
    Less people know about this heart shape lake..the view you get from the top is mesmirizing...
  • Rajbag Beach
    Rajbag Beach
    ⛅ sunriseTry to go solo this place The morning view Too hot by 9
    I went there solo, I was the first human to reach there that day,saw some dogs roaming there before me,I sat there alone with my plant , feeling it waiting for the moment when sun rises from the horizon,the feel u get there is something else, you will get to know what you are..
  • Corjuem
    NatureThe people
    I went to that place by mistake as my Google maps were not working, but when I reached this place ,I learnt one thing that day ,some heaven we can't still not find in Google maps..this place is something which made me feel that how am impounded in four walls of office.
  • Dona Paula
    Dona Paula


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