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  • Magic at Alpather Frozen Lake, Kashmir
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  • Alpather Frozen Lake
    Alpather Frozen Lake
    The viewThe weatherThe lake
    One of the best kept secrets in Kashmir, most guarded by nature and untouched by the world, is the Alpather Lake. It is also charmingly known as 'Frozen Lake' due to its tendency to be so, throughout November to mid June. I, of course, set off for it as soon as I heard about it.
  • Mount Apharwat
    Mount Apharwat
    The sceneryThe windThe mountains
    A gorgeous high altitude lake, it's situated atop the twin peaks of Apharwat, which meant - much to my excitement - that one could trek to the lake. I have always loved trekking, moreso when it is into a place whose landscape is unmatched, and where there are no crowds of people.
  • Jammu and Kashmir
    Jammu and Kashmir
    The viewThe mountains
    Excited and extremely eager, we started for Kashmir by flight, which made for the most beautiful sight as soon as we were above Srinagar. We were spell bound - Kashmir never fails to amaze us and it did not do so even when we saw it from up above; the mountains greeted us.
  • Srinagar International Airport
    Srinagar International Airport
    The company
    Upon reaching Srinagar airport, I decided to take a shared cab, to split my costs. From Srinagar I took a cab to Tanmarg; from there I took yet another shared cab, to Gulmarg, in which I met an extremely jolly man, who told me of his life in Uttrakhand and how he loves Kashmir.
  • Srinagar
    The viewThe room
    We checked into our hotel, and marveled at how beautiful and raw everything around us was. We met several kind and very polite people, who told us that the trek was a moderately difficult one, but was definitely a challenge that we should take on for sure.
  • Gulmarg
    The sunriseThe trek!
    We started early the next day, having gotten enough rest, from Gulmarg. The weather was only slightly chilly, and we had packed light, taking only the provisions that we needed. We had 13 kilometres to cover, and an entire day to cover it and enjoy it in. We were so enthusiastic.
  • Gulmarg
    The snow!The contrastGulmarg!!
    The sky grew cloudy rapidly, and before we knew it, it was snowing lightly. Everything was so scenic, the trees were a beautiful dark green and all the cottages around fit in so perfectly. I knew that very instance that the trek was going to be one from our wildest dreams.
  • Khilanmarg
    Khilanmarg!Wear sturdy shoesThe scenery
    By the time we got to Khilanmarg, everything looked like it was right out of an indie movie. The snow had settled lightly as more came in, and we stopped for great chai and warm pakodas. Our noses were red with the cold, and we were all laughing at how weird everyone looked.
  • Apharwat
    The ridgeApharwat Ridge!The pony ride
    The taste of homemade Zafran Kahwa was still lingering on our tastebuds, as we came to the Apharwat Ridge. We had an incredible view and the bobbing backs of ponies to enthrall us. The locals who owned the ponies were extremely helpful, they helped us cross and showed us the way.
  • Apharwat
    The view!The trail!!
    We trekked on over a large isolated path, riddled with rocks, against the backdrop of beautiful mountains, aware that we still had a way to go. We entertained ourselves with good conversation and music, and before we knew it, we arrived at an unusual patch of green.
  • Apharwat
    The sceneryThe tram ride
    This patch had a tram way, which was the last step to reach the lake. So we all huddled into a tram, and honestly, although I was scared at how much it shook, it was such an amazing view to look at, and felt like a once in a lifetime experience.
  • Apharwat
    The snowWe're nearing the lake!
    The view of lake as arrive above it was mindblowing. It got progressively colder as we neared it, and we could see why. There, nesting within the snow, with only a few patches of clear grass, was the lake, beautiful and shining. We were so excited.
  • Alpather Frozen Lake
    Alpather Frozen Lake
    The snow!The view!!
    At the foothills of the twin peaks, 13 kilometres away from where we started, huge patches of snow and a pristine lake. We did the first thing that came to us - began throwing snowballs at one another. It was so much fun, and we were laughing for so long.
  • Alpather Frozen Lake
    Alpather Frozen Lake
    The viewThe mountainsThe snowThe frozen lake!
    We walked further until the lake shined at us in all its glory. We sat by it admired all the scenery for so long, grateful to have experienced something so sublime and outworldly. We looked on and thought about how perfect something has to be to be so magical.


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