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  • Thamel
    For such a small country, Nepal packs a big punch. Epic Himalayan views and traditional Tibetan culture. But what surprised me most on my recent trip to Nepal was how interesting its cities are — especially Kathmandu, with its vibrant street life and incredible architecture!
  • Durbar Square
    Durbar Square
    This city has every backpacker amenity you could ever want. It offers creature comforts that you won’t find anywhere else in Nepal. It’s super-tempting to spend your entire time in Kathmandu cafe-hopping and shopping, or to take a whirlwind tour of all the towns in Kathmandu!
  • Durbar Square
    Durbar Square
    In this post, I’ll outline how to spend two days in Kathmandu exploring big-name attractions and off-the-beaten-path corners. If you’re wondering what to do in Kathmandu before or after your trek, read on!
  • Durbar Square
    Durbar Square
    On the first day, dive into the historical and cultural heart of the city, and one of the most important places to visit in Kathmandu. Today is all about traditional architecture and history, but there are lots of off-the-beaten-path detours you can take.
  • Durbar Square
    Durbar Square
    Start your two days in Kathmandu in the heart of the old city — Kathmandu Durbar Square. “Durbar” means “palace” in Nepali. The royal family used to rule from here and the area is steeped in history. Durbar Square requires a ticket, which costs about $10.
  • Kumari
    This is your chance to see a living goddess in the flesh! You can visit the intricately designed palace and courtyard where the Kumari lives. It’s among the most beautiful buildings in town. The courtyard is covered with elaborate carvings. The best chance of seeing her is 4pm.
  • Durbar Square
    Durbar Square
    The most atmospheric part of Durbar Square is the area around the figure of Kala Bhairab. Bhairab is the most fearsome depiction of Shiva. He protects devotees, but if you violate the moral code, he will enact swift justice. He is designed to look intimidating, and this lives up!
  • Indra Chowk
    Indra Chowk
    This major square is the first one you’ll come to heading north from Durbar Square. This truly feels like the center of Kathmandu street life. Cycle rickshaw drivers hawk for business, shoe shiners work on suit-clad clients, motorbikes bulldoze their way through the pedestrians!
  • Kathesimbu Stupa
    Kathesimbu Stupa
    The stupa is a popular Tibetan pilgrimage site and the courtyard also contains a monastery, so you have a good chance of encountering monks eager to practice their English. Remember to ask before taking photos. The Stupa is most beautiful in the evening, just before the sunset.
  • Asan Tole gurutzbidea
    Asan Tole gurutzbidea
    Take the street that leads northeast from Indra Chowk, past a number of important temples. This is a busy shopping street. Historically, it was the beginning of the caravan route to Tibet. The shops along this street are mostly for locals, not tourists. Road end at Asan Tole.
  • Thamel
    You are now officially in Thamel, the main backpacker district. You’ll probably end up spending a good amount of time here during your two days in Kathmandu, mainly to sleep and eat. There isn’t a lot to do beyond that, but this pleasant square is worth visiting. That ends day 1!
  • Lagan Chowk
    Lagan Chowk
    This square is a popular neighborhood gathering place. Small markets set up shop and kids start pickup cricket games here. The temple at the center of the square is Machhendranath Temple.
  • Swayambhu Maha Chaitya
    Swayambhu Maha Chaitya
    One of the most interesting things to do in Kathmandu, and an essential stop on your two days in here, is Swayambhunath Temple. This stupa is commonly referred to among travelers as the “monkey temple” due to the resident critters.
  • Thamel
    You should time your Kathmandu travel plans to coincide with one of Nepal’s two dry seasons — October through November, or March through May. During the dry season, the weather in Kathmandu is amazing. It’s the perfect weather for walking around outside all day.
  • Kathmandu
    Visa: FREE ENTRY FOR INDIANS! Stay: Thamel! Safety: Quite Safe for solo travellers! So what are you waiting for! Book at trip!



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