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  • Food Takes Us To Places
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  • Japan
  • Barbeque Nation - Hyderabad - Banjara Hills
    Barbeque Nation - Hyderabad - Banjara Hills
    We love options and we love our plate full... Buffet makes us happy!
  • Deonar
    Garlic breadCheeseCrispyFreshness
    New, small, yet really cool food joint called Chill Adda near TISS, Deonar. Crispy Garlic Bread with Cheese, one of the good deeds of mankind indeed.🤗
  • The Fern Residency
    The Fern Residency
    Crunchy Veg Burger and coffee to fill you up.
  • The Salad Bar And Walnut Cafe
    The Salad Bar And Walnut Cafe
    PastaItalianGarlic breadYummy food
    Spagatti Aglio Olio.. 😊
  • Gokul Bite
    Gokul Bite
    Chicken Malai RollMayonnaiseHumus
    Chicken Malai Roll, literally gobbled down this. Filled with cheese, humus & mayo, this roll is absolutely heavenly for anyone who has a creamy palate.
  • Lucky Restaurant
    Lucky Restaurant
    When you make a niche for yourself and your biryani.
  • Le Cafe
    Le Cafe
    Egg Love
  • Prague 1
    Prague 1
    Hungry on a foriegn land!
  • Tea Villa Cafe
    Tea Villa Cafe
    Got the wrap... let's go! 😙😙
  • Maharaja Bhog
    Maharaja Bhog
    ThaliGujrati ThaliTaste
    Now if that does not make you happy, what does!
  • Salt N Pepper
    Salt N Pepper
    Binging on Biryani!
  • Barbeque Nation - Mumbai - Hill Road (Bandra)
    Barbeque Nation - Mumbai - Hill Road (Bandra)
    Crispy fried sweet corn
  • HolaChef office, Sigma Building
    HolaChef office, Sigma Building
    TasteChef Aravind TamangPackagingHolachef

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