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  • FBAI DRINKS Bar Crawl, Indiranagar
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  • Glocal Junction
    Glocal Junction
    Our first stop was at Glocal, Indiranagar!
  • Glocal Junction
    Glocal Junction
    Aperol Spritz to start off with!
  • Glocal Junction
    Glocal Junction
    and some delicious mushroom and onion pizza to compliment our drinks!
  • Bootlegger
    Next stop was at Bootlegger, Indiranagar where we had the Stolichnaya infused cocktail with rosemary and cherry bitters!
  • Sly Granny
    Sly Granny
    Sly Granny was our last stop of the day where we had the PatronXoCafe, a coffee based liquor shots which has close to 35% alcohol in it! Super potent it was.
  • Indiranagar
    Morning Fresh has gotta be your Last drink of the day after a drinking spree like this, it is a drink that'll help you get over hangover next day in the best possible way!


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