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  • Clean eats - Eating Out
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    Neha Rao
  • The Village Shop, Mumbai
    The Village Shop, Mumbai
    Low caloriesVeganEating clean
    The village shop has a wide range of vegan , gluten free food ,but my personal favorite and a must try is the Chocolate almond Mousse.
  • Papacream, Mumbai
    Papacream, Mumbai
    Healthy eatingweekend splurgechocolate icecream
    Papacream now has sugar free ice cream and sorbets for the health conscious , and it is one that I just had to try . Definitely going to visit this place again.
  • 212 All Good, Mumbai
    212 All Good, Mumbai
    Healthy eatingVeganMust try pumpkin pie
    212 All Good offers a wide range of salads and desserts for the health conscious. in frame is their in house granola which makes for a scrumptious breakfast . A must try is their Pumpkin pie and their Pina-Colada cake .
  • Guilt Trip, Mumbai
    Guilt Trip, Mumbai
    Eating cleanSugar freeweekend splurgeCinnamon Pecan cheesecake
    This sugar free , eggless cheesecake is made with low fat cream cheese and is absolutly divine to taste . With a healthy serving of nuts and cinnamon it makes for the perfect dessert.
  • Protein Bakeshop, Road Number 3
    Protein Bakeshop, Road Number 3
    Paleo chocolate cakeClean eatingSugar free
    Protein Bakeshop provides to its buyers healthy and yummy desserts and snacks. Their sugar free Paleo chocolate cake made with raw cacao , almond flour , eggs and dates is one of my favorites .
  • Healthy Treats, Saint Cyril Road
    Healthy Treats, Saint Cyril Road
    Home bakedClean eatingOnly delivery
    The signature, orange and dark chocolate cake is absolutely amazing ! They provide healthy home made options for most sweet treats . A must try is their muffins and the strawberry gooey chocolate cake.


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    Neha Rao
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