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  • Beat The Morning Woes! - Best Breakfast Places- Bangalore
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  • CTR
    Butter smeared crispy dosasEat slow Everything on the menuNo place if you aren't an earlybird
    What's best to beat your morning woes than an authentic south Indian breakfast at the CTR- Shri Sagar,malleshwaram. Binge on anything from the menu and still feel light enough to walk your way home. The piping hot, butter smeared dosas with a sip of aromatic coffee is a must!
  • Vidyarthi Bhavan
    Vidyarthi Bhavan
    Chutney and more..Ask for more chutney.. please?Dosas. Idly combo. Vade. Karabath
    Have a heritage breakfast at the 74 year old Vidyarthi Bhavan,Gandhi Bazaar,visit to relish the real side of the authentic tastes. A place never seen empty is something to look out for and this place tops the list. The heavenly chutney is one of my favourites apart from the menu.
  • Indian Coffee House
    Indian Coffee House
    Piping hot coffeeSpacious seating
    Indian Coffee House situated amidst a bustling main road in Indiranagar offers a rather peaceful seating compared to any cramped breakfast places in Bangalore. The menu is very neatly represented as to what to buy first. Anything on the menu is to be coupled with a hot beverage.
  • Koshy's
    Best food served with love No rush The place itself
    Bask in one of the early glories of Bengaluru- The place, inviting aromas, the old pictures in the wall, the setting-I say just every little thing in this place recites a tale of Bengaluru. I've got nothing else to say- please visit asap if you are yet to and Visit again.
  • 154 Breakfast Club
    154 Breakfast Club
    The English BreakfastThe ambience Carry a book
    The best english breakfast I've had till date, 154 Breakfast club, Koramangala offers more than just that. The calming ambience and a peaceful yummy breakfast is what you are in for. A huge menu does get you a little confused as what to chose but it's surely worth it all.
  • Belgian Waffle Factory
    Belgian Waffle Factory
    Oreo waffle cakeMouth watering waffles
    Begin your way sweet with the best waffles in the city. Belgian Waffle factory has soo much in store for those with a sweet tooth. The variety of waffles and the vibrant toppings is just a cherry on top of the cake. A must visit on a cloudy morning.
  • Brahmin's Coffee Bar
    Brahmin's Coffee Bar
    Idly vade comboBe an earlybird Simple Menu
    A half empty table is a rare view at the Brahmin's coffee bar, Chandra Layout. A picturesque delight for those who love their tables full. Economical and highly authentic Brahmin south Indian menu offers almost everything you could crave for something hot , spicy and comforting.
  • Taaza Thindi
    Taaza Thindi
    Dosas.karabath. vade
    A simple menu to chose from for a quick breakfast. Comforting food and a neat environment. Must visit for a quick breakfast around the place.
  • D'hide Cafe
    D'hide Cafe
    Pancakes with blueberry compoteBring your gangBeautiful menu
    D'hide cafe is an art by itself, the place is beautiful for snaps with friends and a snap with the vintage phone by the side is not to miss for. I personally felt the pancakes were the best coupled with blueberry compote and chocolate sauce.
  • Cafe Terra
    Cafe Terra
    Pita bread and hummusBring your gangBright place and spacious seating
    For those who have a fetish for hummus then this is the best place to visit for the same. The English menu offers a wide variety of waffles, pancakes etc., I reccomend to try something new from the menu.



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