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  • Art, Food & Music- Malleshwaram's Got it All!💯✔
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  • Malleshwaram Circle
    Malleshwaram Circle
    Traffic sucks.😫
    Living in Bangalore and exploring Bangalore are completely unrelated. So I (finally) took initiative to explore my city. I started with Malleswaram because a lot of my friends told me that its a pretty cool place to explore. So I took an Uber and began my city tours💯
  • 8th Cross Road
    8th Cross Road
    Export reject stalls👖👕💜Picking up exquisite silks too💞
    Malleshwaram is a hub of a lot of things. True to Bangalorean style it has a kickass street market, where you can find almost everything. I needed a couple more eyes to take everything in🎪💯
  • Howards Storage World
    Howards Storage World
    Shopping for boxes for my stuff💞Containers for everything😱💯
    I heard of this place from my friend. I've been to Mantri Square before but I never really paid attention to all the shops. Howards is the perfect place for an organizer geek. Pick up a Christmas gift for your OCD friend and of course your mom! I did!😎
  • Buffalo Back
    Buffalo Back
    Picking up farm fresh veges🍈🍐🌽Stock up on Apple Cider Vinegar✔💞
    The last stop on this shopping journey is this beauty. An organic goods store, I love the fact that it's dedicated to sustainability👍. You can find everything from ragi breakfast cereals to rare-to-find teas🍃. Pro tip: Moms will go crazy here. Be careful. I saw it😂
  • Chowdiah Memorial Hall
    Chowdiah Memorial Hall
    Big ticket concerts🎫💞
    Malleshwaram has got cultural game which is quite evident from this building shaped like a violin🎻. I just went to see the building but they conduct awesome events all throughout the year!💯
  • World music conservatory LLP
    World music conservatory LLP
    They offer free classes for poor💞
    Another endeavor into the arts, this school in Malleshwaram is awesome in that they offer courses on every instrument...from the mandolin to the jazz guitar🎸! I had an amazing time listening to the various music created here!🎶💯
  • Natya Institute of Kathak & Choreography
    Natya Institute of Kathak & Choreography
    Watching the various dance moves💜
    A rad school for all the dance💃 hobbyists and those looking for a professional degree, this place is amazing. The finesse in each of the dances I saw floored me😱
  • Iyer Mess
    Iyer Mess
    Its closed on Saturdays✔
    And now it is lunch time and I head on over to this fabled mess where there is just one item on the menu: meals. I swear this took me to the sadhyas of Kerala with their perfect rice, sambar, rasam, pickle, papad, & yoghurt👌😋 served on a banana leaf😍
  • 1522 The PUB
    1522 The PUB
    The déco is straight up Rock 🤘😎
    Located above the legendary White Horse Resto-pub, this awesome place is for the classic rock lovers. And as I discovered the best place to grab an after lunch drink🍻😉
  • Amrith Ice Cream
    Amrith Ice Cream
    The chocolate one duh!💞Trying the Caribou Coffee🍫☕💜
    And now its time for dessert & I knew just the place thanks to my friends. Tucked away in Malleshwaram, this little ice-cream parlour is a family run business and has been loved since it began! They have 2⃣5⃣ different flavours & you wouldn't be disappointed whichever you chose💞
  • Gupta Circulating Library
    Gupta Circulating Library
    Browsing for books💜💜💜💞Talking to the proprietor💯
    Watered and fed I wandered around the street searching for more and I found this gem. The bibliophile in me leaped for joy! And talking to the owner was immense fun..he described his 6⃣0⃣ odd years supplying books 📖to the community💯✔
  • Sankey Tank
    Sankey Tank
    Puppy adoption camp🐕💜
    One of this city's most loveliest green spaces is in Malleshwaram. I couldn't leave without spending some time in the Sankey tank with its green spaces and water bodies💜✔
  • Sampige Road
    Sampige Road
    The art is totally beautiful💞✔Vibes of the city can be felt💯✔
    You can't leave Malleshwaram without visiting the quirky graffitis that a group of artists painted back in 2⃣0⃣1⃣2⃣. They are pretty cool and bring out the vibe of the city💞💯



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