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  • Ahmedabad Foodie Freak
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    Atul Purohit
  • NeelKamal Snacks Bar
    NeelKamal Snacks Bar
    Mexican Cheese PuffHot & Cheesey
    I would love to visit this place more often.
  • Raipur Darwaja
    Raipur Darwaja
    My Love
    You can't have anything better than this if you visit to Raipur Darwaja.
  • Qwiches (S.G.Highway)
    Qwiches (S.G.Highway)
    The place which always fascinates me to often visit there.
  • Jalaram Parotha House
    Jalaram Parotha House
    You must try this soft Parothas
  • Lijjat Khaman
    Lijjat Khaman
    Premium Quality Must have
    Sutharfeni, best sweet from khambhat

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    Atul Purohit
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