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Wondering what Trell is all about?

Trell is a simple way of bucketing interesting things to do at places. Find & share amazing hangout spots, street food stalls, sunset points, camping & trekking spots and many more things with friends on Trell!
We all have our life changing experiences and personal favorites at places that we feel should be documented and shared with friends. Trell provides a canvas to leave Trails of your explorations and enables you to check out what your friends have done. Once you find something interesting, you can hit ‘Tryout’ to save it into your bucket-list and you get reminded whenever you are near that place for completing the experience.

Using Trell you can:
  Discover the best of local places and activities:
Trell helps you in discovering interesting things in your city shared by friends & community, and these explorations always help you to answer that one question – “What do I do here?”
Now unearth the best of people’s experiences and activities at a place and Ta -Da, you know what to do!

  Create a self-reminding bucket list:
If you always wanted to visit a place, but simply forgot about it in your busy life – this one’s for you. Trell helps you to hit ‘Try Out’ on things you don’t want to miss out. It notifies you about them when you are around. Your personal location –based assistant that reminds you of your favorite places, anytime, anywhere!

  Share your explorations:
Create simple visual blogs in simple three steps with all new EmoTs or EmotionTags. Tell your friends about your new experiences, be it street food you had or the amazing stargazing hotspots you found!

  Curate your explorations in Trails:
You can find and create collections of interesting places for people to follow like photography locations, sunset destinations, pocket-friendly cafes, romantic places, travel stories and the list is endless!

Trell is one of the most influential communities of India growing at a staggering pace. The community interacts and share interesting experiences to help everyone explore, engage and relive their trails. The team is passionate in presenting with new local experiences every day and every hour!

Contact us:

For any queries you may fill the form below or mail us at support@trell.in