Baan Ganga River
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Halehr Khurd, Himachal Pradesh 176001, India

Baan Ganga, the name of this river comes from two terms, Ban and Ganga. Baan means Arrow and Ganga stands for the sacred river Ganges. It is believed that Mata Vaishno Devi, while on her way to the Holy Cave, created this water body with an arrow from her quiver, hence the name Banganga. It is also said that she had taken a dip in it and had washed her hair here. Thus some people also prefer to call it Bal Ganga, the term Bal meaning hair in Hindi.

The river has spiritual significance for Hindu Vaishnava and other devotees. The water of the river is considered as very pious where the devotees take holy baths and then start their spiritual yatra.
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