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  • 16 Countries Offering Indians Visa On Arrival! ✈️ 🌴 🏔

    Apsara Ashok
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  • Watamu Beach
    Watamu Beach
    I wrote a trail a few days ago, listing all the countries Indians can visit Visa-free! Now, here is a list of all the countries Indians can visit, with Visa on Arrival! Pack your bags and get ready!
  • Bali
    ₹1= 211 IDR
    BALI. My first pick is of course Bali! With the wonderful temples, exotic beaches and friendly people, your stay here will be one for the books! Must visit: Tanah Lot island, Goa Gajah, Mount Batur!
  • Ko Samui
    Ko Samui
    ₹100 = 48 baht
    THAILAND. What more can I say about this wonderful country that I already haven't? With its gorgeous beaches, party hubs like Bangkok and Phuket, Thailand is the best place to go to enjoy your youth! I have written a trail for Thailand if you're interested!
  • Beau Vallon Beach
    Beau Vallon Beach
    ₹100 = 21 Seychelloise Rupee
    SEYCHELLES. This mystical island will capture you, mind, body and soul! Its the perfect spot for a honeymoon or a trip with your special someone! Must visit: La Digue, Curieuse Island for snorkelling, Frégate Island for your honeymoon!😉
  • Nairobi
    ₹100 = 155 Shillings
    KENYA. This African country is known for its Safaris! So when you're at Kenya, you MUST go on one! Some places you can go to are Maasai Mara, Amboseli National Park, Lake Nakuru, Tsavo East National Park.
  • Angkor Wat
    Angkor Wat
    ₹1 = 62 Riel
    CAMBODIA. Known for the world famous Angkor Wat temple, Cambodia is flocked by bag packers from all over the world! This historic country has many places to see: Angkor Wat, remains of an ancient city Angkor Thom, Banteay Sei, Tonlé Sap amongst others!
  • Santa Maria
    Santa Maria
    ₹100 = 137 Cape Verdean Escudo
    CAPE VERDE. This wonderful country is a cluster of islands! From travelling in ferries from one island to another, and eating at local restaurants, this country is a trip of a lifetime! Must see: Pico do Fogo, Sotavento Islands, Porto Grande Bay.
  • Ethiopia
    ₹100 = 42 Ethiopian Birr
    ETHIOPIA. Now here is a country rich in history and heritage! At Ethiopia, you get to experience raw tradition and the most friendly people! Must visit: Blue Nile Falls, Lake Tana, Simien Mountains.
  • Kuang Si Waterfall
    Kuang Si Waterfall
    ₹1 = 127 Laotian Kip
    LAOS. Laos is one of the few truly exotic travel destinations left in the world. With a 'back-in-time' feel to it and with a truly friendly population, you can have a truly memorable trip here! Its one place best for solo travellers! Things to see: Kuang Si Falls, Luang Prabang!
  • Anakao
    ₹1 = 49.37 Malagasy Ariary
    MADAGASCAR. This tiny little island flanking Africa is the perfect place to go for a summer vacay or spring break! Painted by the prettiest beaches and jungles, Madagascar will encapsulate you! Must see: Isalo and Ranomafana National Park, Andasibe-Mantadia National Park!
  • Majuro
    Ebeye Island and Arno Atoll!₹65 = US $1
    MARSHALL ISLANDS. Half of the Marshall Islands’ population is in Majuro, but visitors can venture to the smaller Island atolls to enjoy breathtaking beaches, spectacular scuba diving and water sports. There are many WW2 relics which lie beneath the surface of the water!
  • Palau
    ₹65 = US $1
    Palau is an island country nestled in the Pacific Ocean and consists of over two hundred different coral and volcanic islands! There are several historic WW2 sites you can see when you're at Palau too! Must see: Malakal Island, Rock Island, Jellyfish lake!
  • Castries
    ₹24 = East Caribbean $1
    ST. LUCIA. This east Caribbean island with a pair mountains called the Pitons on its west coast. Here, you can find volcanic beaches, reef bearing sites and fishing villages! Trails in the rain forest lead to waterfalls like Toraille! Marigot Bay, Pigeon Island are other gems!
  • Adam's Peak
    Adam's Peak
    ₹1 =2.3 Sri Lankan Rupee
    SRI LANKA. Sri Lanka offers Indians evisa or Permit on arrival! Our little neighbours down south is something no Indian should miss visiting! With its lush green forests and beautiful beaches, it is an experience of a life time! Must visits: Sigiriya, Nurweya Eliya, Arugam Bay.
  • Serengeti National Park
    Serengeti National Park
    ₹1 = 35 Tanzanian Shillings
    TANZANIA. This east African country is world famous for its Elephant Safaris! Must Visit: Climb mount Kilimanjaro, Safari in Sarangeti, Scuba dive in Zanzibar, Gombe Stream National Park!
  • Cristo Rei
    Cristo Rei
    ₹65 = US $1
    TIMOR-LESTE. This is a South east Asian nation! Lined with Coral reefs, this country is perfect for a week's getaway! Must See: Dili (Capital), 27m tall Cristo Rei de Dili statue which sits on a hilltop and gives you a view of the surrounding bay!
  • Odessa
    ₹2.5 = 1 Ukrainian Hryvnia
    UKRAINE. This breathtaking east European country will grab your attention instantly! You need to be a little careful and not tread on disputed land, but there's still so much to do here! Must see: Kiev Pechersk Lavra, Bukovel, Hoverla mountain, Synevyr lake and so much more!
  • Balapitiya
    With this, I finish my guide to all the wonderful countries which offer us Indians Visa on Arrival! There are small fees to pay for the visa in each country, but not that much! So what are you waiting for guys? Pack your bags!



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    Apsara Ashok
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