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  • Empire State of Mind - A day in New York City 🏙🏙

    Minna Bansal
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  • Times Square
    Times Square
    New York, New York! As the famous song goes, it's the concrete jungle where dreams are made. We were lucky enough to get a taste of the Big Apple for a day, when we were passing through on our way to Jamaica
  • New York City
    New York City
    It was a dream come true walking down the famous streets of New York. Every Hollywood movie that I had seen based in this big city came flashing back to me and I couldn't wait to walk around and find some spots I recognized!
  • United Nations Plaza
    United Nations Plaza
    We spent some time at the Headquarters of the United Nations office, and took in the beautiful view of the famous New York skyline. It was like I was dreaming 😀😀
  • New York
    New York
    This city moved so fast, so busy, so many people! It was bigger than any city I had seen before, and it seemed like it would take a lifetime to explore it all
  • Bryant Park
    Bryant Park
    New York is famous for its parks - breathing spaces of green amidst the jungle of buildings. We started with a stroll through the famous Bryant Park, sitting down at one of the lovely outdoor cafes, sipping on a cappuccino in the chilly air. What a wonderful place for a picnic!
  • Times Square
    Times Square
    Next we reached Times Square! This, I recognized - from several movies and sitcoms. It was every bit as alive as I had imagined, with explosions of colour and costume surrounding us all around!
  • Manhattan
    After waiting in a long queue, we finally made it to the top of the Empire State Building! I felt like I was on top of the world, I was so overjoyed. The breeze was strong and the view from the top was just surreal! The e town of Manhattan was spread below, like a lovely painting
  • Hudson River
    Hudson River
    Once upon a time, it was the tallest building in New York, and you could see the wide Hudson River meandering through the city, like a massive snake. Buildings and parks rising up around it, I was fascinated by the architecture, and how these skyscrapers were centuries old 😱
  • Empire State Building
    Empire State Building
    We stayed at the top for a long time. I was upset that I had such a short stay in this beautiful city, and I wanted to savour and treasure every single moment and breathe in the life of this city that never seems to sleep 😍😍
  • Empire State Building
    Empire State Building
    360 degree view of New York City
    😍😍😍 wow, who could ever stop staring at this modern landscape?!
  • Chrysler Building
    Chrysler Building
    We spotted the famous Chrysler Building in the distance and became really excited! It is one of my favourite pieces of architecture, and I hope to visit it properly someday!
  • New York
    New York
    The experience would not be complete without a stint on the New York subway! Navigating through all the commotion, we hardly had to walk ourselves, the crows just carried us forward. The sea of people reminded me of Mumbai local train travel and I felt nostalgic ❤
  • Times Square
    Times Square
    We got off the subway back at Times Square, because this enigma deserved a second visit, especially at night! This was when New York really came to life - dazzling lights, honking cars, the delicious scent of food and best of all, happy, singing people!
  • Queens
    Exhausted after a very fulfilling day, we made it back to our hotel, and boy was I glad to see the bed! It had been one of the best days ever, but now it was time to rest. We had an early morning flight to catch the next day. Til' we meet again, New York! ❤


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    Minna Bansal
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