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  • Backpacking To Meghalaya #1 : Shillong

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  • Shillong
    How To Reach Shilong
  • Guwahati Shillong Road
    Guwahati Shillong Road
    Guwahati to Shilong rideSuper awesome roadCool 😎 weather
    The 3:30 hrs Ride to Shilong was super awesome. Roads are too good & curvy. Once you cross the Guwahati after half an hr you can literally feel that you enter in Meghalaya.
  • Laitumkhrah
    Where To Stay In Shilong
  • Shillong
    Places To Explore In Shilong
  • Shillong
    Map Route for places I explored
  • Umiam Lake
    Umiam Lake
    Umiam lake ViewView
    Umiam Lake is on the way to Shilong frm Guwahati. There are several view points, we can ask cab driver to stop at any view point. The lake is magnificent and beautiful. Lake is 17 km from Shillong, we can go back to Shilong & come back next day to explore it. We can reach down
  • Elephant Water Fall
    Elephant Water Fall
    Elephant waterfall
    This waterfall is 13 km frm Shilong & Its on the way towards Cherapunjee. This waterfall looks like elephant head hence named as ELEPHANT waterfall. This became more famous after PM Narendra Modi visited here & later twitted about it. This place is Too crowded
  • Shillong View Point
    Shillong View Point
    Shillong View PointView of the city
    Shillong view point is 12 KM from Police Bazar & 8 KM from elephant waterfall. Both places are on the way and can cover one after another. It’s basically a hilly area from where we can see the Shillong city. This place is mostly crowded
  • ML 05 Cafe
    ML 05 Cafe
    ML05 CafeAmbianceLocation
    ML05 cafe is most famous in Shilong. Its 2.2 km from elephant waterfall. It opens up at 10:30 AM. Cafe location is really good & ambiance of cafe is nice. Food is decent . Can visit elephant waterfall first, then come to ML05 cafe , have coffe& then go for shilong view point.
  • Dylan's Café
    Dylan's Café
    Dylans Cafe Shilong
    Dylans cafe is at Laitumkhra & 2.5 km from Police Bazar. This cafe is ok ok & is like any other cafe. Nothing Special about it.
  • Thangsning Falls
    Thangsning Falls
    Thangsning Watertfall
    This waterfall is most beautiful one and its on the way to Laitlum Grand Canyon. This place was not in my itinerary & i was skeptical to go there. But I decided to go there & I’m glad that I went here. This fall is hidden & there is no sign board to reach here. Ask locals
  • Thangsning Falls
    Thangsning Falls
    Thangsning waterfall
  • Laitlum Canyon Ridge
    Laitlum Canyon Ridge
    Laitlum Grand Canyon
    Laitlum Grand Canyon is 23 Km from Police Bazar. There is no cab service available to reach here. I reached here by bike. Road to Canyon goes to vast lush green meadows on both sides.
  • Laitlum Canyon Ridge
    Laitlum Canyon Ridge
    Vast Meadows on the way to Canyon
    This is vast green meadows on the way towards canyon. I stopped on the way to gaze this spectacular view.
  • Laitlum Grand Canyon
    Laitlum Grand Canyon
    At Top of Grand Canyon
    When I reached at top, nothing was visible. It was completely foggy and couldn’t not see any view from the top. However I enjoyed the ride till top.



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