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  • Stories from my road trips

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  • Seeku Parai View Point - Kolli Hills
    Seeku Parai View Point - Kolli Hills
    Get your tent house and place on itNight ride is awesome with raining
    It is located in kolli hills, Kolli hills which make it all interesting and worth visiting. Just pack up and drive up the 72 hairpin bends. One of the most highest mountain bends in India.Especially riders would love to.if you want breathe fresh air one place where you can get.
  • Kolli Hills
    Kolli Hills
    Riding is highlightAagayagangai and masilla fallsCity lights view from top viewStay 1 night with gang in your tent
    Especially at night, riding and raining combined together made us feel thrilled. We enjoyed a lot here aagayagangai and masilla falls. A pure ayurvedhic fresh water comes from top. I felt really relief after took bath from force of water comes from mountain top when it fell on me
  • Kolli Hills
    Kolli Hills
    Its a low budget hill station tripRide and fallsPeople who lives there and travel
    Repost - Just loved the weather and greeny scenes while travelling.We had met nice people who lives there and they cooked for us as much they could.Really worthy visit to feel the lonenly and calm .There was no sound and air pollution too.Especially that road bends will make us😯



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