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  • Climbing My Life Away!! - Savandurga Trek.

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  • Savandurga Hill
    Savandurga Hill
    Introspection on a hill ! Climbing all my life. <3
    Have you ever stood on to our something, a hill/mountain far far away, looked down and seen the world so far from yourself and then looked up and seen the skies move so fast? Have you ever felt like of post of something bigger & more beautiful than you are?
  • Savandurga Hill
    Savandurga Hill
    4220 ft above sea level. Largest monolith i.e. single rock.
    Nothing but a great expense of beauty and clarity on front of you, the Savandurga was something else for me. A kind of challenge that I had never taken in life before and it made me feel so alive and thrilled ! Said to be the largest monolith in Asia, trekking here was amazing.
  • Savandurga Hill
    Savandurga Hill
    What's it like on the top. Clouds over mountains.
    Situated at 60 kms from Bangalore, and at a sea level of 4220 feet from the ground, this place is one of the most challenging treks I've ever been on, formed from a single rock formation and extremely hard to hike. Nonetheless, even after all the risks, it was all worth it.
  • Savandurga Hill
    Savandurga Hill
    Nandi temple on the hill. Peaceful places of faith.
    A panoramic lush green view of Bangalore is to be seen from up above and a temple of Nandi, Lord Shiva's bull stands upright here and its the most beautiful little temple that I've seen. I'm not a very spiritual person & yet, when I see such beautiful places of faith, its serene.
  • Savandurga Trek Path
    Savandurga Trek Path
    A peaceful worship place.
    It wasn't the kind of temple where people would come and sit down for worship or bring all their relics and objects of faith to put them on idols... It was much more peaceful and calm. Like God's own little place, far from the chaos and noise of everything else.
  • Savandurga Hill
    Savandurga Hill
    Reaching the trekking point.Start of an adventure.
    The journey to this place was also much more extraordinary than most places. We had to travel still the trekking start point by road so we took our bikes and reached early enough in the morning. The entire area seemed so secluded from the main cities that I was glad to be out.
  • Savandurga Hill
    Savandurga Hill
    Words of caution before the climb.Hiking and climbing rocks to Summit
    Again, the more challenging your trek is, the better prepared you should be to face whatever challenges may come. To anyone who wants to hike these hills, I would recommend really strong-gripped shoes and caring a rope asking wouldn't be a bad idea. The stones can be slippery.
  • Savandurga Hill
    Savandurga Hill
    A rocky trek.
    Once reaching the top of the hills, it was clear why these hills were considered so tricky & challenging; with rocks of every size & a challenge at each step, the top of this place looked like backs of camels with lots of bumps on it. However, they are all rocks formed from one.
  • Savandurga Hill
    Savandurga Hill
    Photography pro hills. Scenic landscapes for exotic shoots
    This is also a haven for all those people who like experimenting with photography because the entire hills have got exotic locations and thrilling landscapes for any kind of shoot to be aesthetically and beautifully successful. Lots of people came here with their DSLRs & clicked.
  • Savandurga Hill
    Savandurga Hill
    Although the place is mostly rocks & stones, we can still find a lot of places nearby that are filled with lush green pastures of shrubs, meadow-like expanses & lots of wild flora ! It seemed like one of the main attractions for those who like to come up here to click pictures.
  • Savandurga Peak Fort
    Savandurga Peak Fort
    Rock climbing Savandurga.
    People had come entirely prepared for climbing these challenging hills and I was astounded to see the enthusiasm with which they started their hike. People usually advise getting errors to climb the steep lengths of these hills and it doesn't seem unreasonable.
  • Savandurga Peak Pond
    Savandurga Peak Pond
    More to do around the hills.Local attractions around Savandurga
    If you have enough time (like we did), you might find that Savandurga hills have quite a few things to do apart from the hiking and climbing. This beautiful lake centred right between the hills and attracts a lot of local people who come here for picnics with family & friends.
  • Savandurga
    The flora in Savandurga hills.Butterflies fly !
    Another trek off my list, this monolith wonder was as challenging as it was fun and thrilling to the core. The lake and the temple were the perfect places to relax after working hard to reach the summit and experiencing an achieving feeling.



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