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  • The girl with an adventurer's soul in Italy and Greece! // WEEK #2

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  • Santorini
    Day 8 She landed in Santorini and was amazed at the completely white township! The Aegean sea and the many villages scattered gave the city a beautiful charm, one of it's kind! And the hostel she chose was in the middle of it all!
  • Fira
    Even though she wanted a hostel in the middle of Oia, she was told that it'd be far more cheap to get one in Fira and take a day tour to Oia! So Fira became her stay in Santorini🏠
  • Santorini
    She would spend her days visiting the city of Oia , watching the sun set on the beautiful blue and white city!
  • Oia
    At night Oia would light up beautifully and create an atmosphere of peace and calm. Trisha would spend her time exploring and taking in the beauty of Greece!
  • Perissa
    She would often visit nearby beaches of Perissa and would sunbathe for hours!☀️ Even though she didn't need it! It was a nice calm after the hustle bustle of Italy😅
  • Santorini
    The place also offered great food like Pizzas that one just cannot find in India! The authentic, subtly flavoured delights were easily found everywhere and Trisha was glad!
  • Mykonos
    Day 11 After spending 4 days in the beautiful Santorini, it was time for Disha to leave for the Island of Mykonos🌴 With beautiful beachfronts and great bars, Mykonos was perfect for a day or two!
  • Mykonos
    She spent her days eating Greek souvlaki and gyros until someone told her she could go to the nearby Paradise beach!🏖️ It was a party place and she was excited! What she didn't realize was that it was off season and so when she reached it was deserted in the night🌌
  • Greece
    She was scared out of her wits but thankfully she found a few people going back and made it safely back to her hotel! It was a brush with adventure nevertheless and she was glad everything went perfectly 😅
  • Acropolis of Athens
    Acropolis of Athens
    Day 14 Next and last stop was Athens and she was excited to spend the rest of her days exploring the ruins of the city but her trip was cut short by an unforeseen circumstance :/ The Greece airport decided to go on a strike and her flight was from Rome!
  • Athens
    On finding other distressed people she discovered that there was a way to reach that would take 2 days including train, ship car etc. Somehow she managed reaching on time and caught the flight✈️ This trip was everything she'd hoped from a solo trip, lifetime memories!🛤️



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