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  • My 2 days stay in the "Blue City", Jodhpur, a place that still breathes royalty!

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  • Ranbanka Palace
    Ranbanka Palace
    On my trip to Rajasthan, I spent two wonderful days in 'The Blue City', Jodhpur, a place that still breathes royalty. The day I arrived there, I checked into Ranbanka Palace, a beautiful and royal hotel.
  • Jodhpur
    Chai at Bhati
    As soon I reached the hotel, freshened up, and left for the famous 'Bhati ki Chai Stalls'. I had the best cup of tea ever. And then I had the big fat Pyaaz ki Kachori in those stalls. My breakfast was done.
  • Umaid Bhawan Palace
    Umaid Bhawan Palace
    Next I headed to the royal Umaid Bhawan. The entry fee was Rs30. At the gate I was greeted by a guide who gave me a complete tour of this place including the clock collection room, the royal corridor, the Queen's suite and a lot more. An astonishing place it was indeed.
  • Umaid Bhawan Palace
    Umaid Bhawan Palace
    Rajasthani Meal
    I spent a lot of time in Umaid Bhawan and I was very hungry by the time I left, so I headed to a nearby hotel and tried out their popular Rajasthani Meal. It was delicious.
  • Mehrangarh Fort
    Mehrangarh Fort
    Sheesh MahalPhool MahalTakht Singh Palace
    Next I headed towards the place I was eagerly waiting to visit, the Mehrangarh Fort. There were traditional folk musicians in the entrance with Sarangi in their hand. By the time I took a tour of the place it was time for sunset. The view of sunset and the blue City was splendid.
  • On The Rocks
    On The Rocks
    After a tiring day I decided to visit the only modernized place in Jodhpur, On the Rocks. This place was something else. It was beautiful from the inside and had a seperate lounge, bar, open sky dining area where I had some drinks and food and headed back to my hotel.
  • Mandore Garden
    Mandore Garden
    This was my first stop the next morning. Even though it had a little less maintenance, this was a nice place to spend some time in. This place had a group of temples and memorial with great architecture and lots of MONKEYS!
  • Jodhpur
    Next I decided to take a strol within the lanes of the Blue City. I didnot understand the reason behind the blue painted buildings but it looked beautiful.
  • Jodhpur
    I walked to a local market there. I ended up buying those beautiful and colorful glass bangles and their traditional Leheriya Saris.
  • Balsamand Lake
    Balsamand Lake
    Next I went to the popular Basamand Lake Palace, where I planned to stay on my next visit to Jodhpur. I had my lunch at their beautiful restaurant, watched the perfect sunset from that place and headed to my last spot.
  • Masuriya Hill Station
    Masuriya Hill Station
    This was my last spot to visit in Jodhpur, the beautiful Masuriya Hills. Located on a hillock this garden was lovely and gave a panoramic view of the entire Jodhpur City. I spent some time there and headed back to my hotel.



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