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  • 🌊 In The Land of Pristine Beauty!

    Supriya Gowda
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  • Rameswaram
    A land of pristine beauty ❤
    A friend of mine recently visited Rameswaram & I asked her, “Why Rameswaram out of all the places?” But when i saw the pictures from her trip, I WAS SOLD. Rameswaram is indeed a land of many more things that leave you awestruck apart from the temples.
  • Rameswaram
    The solo journey! 🚘
    Rameswaram is a land of pristine beauty, bright blue skies, water sports, spiritual love and happiness. Without much delay i had my bags packed & off i went to the land once the gods visited.
  • Hyatt Place Rameswaram
    Hyatt Place Rameswaram
    A beautiful painting indeed! 👆
    After a tiring solo journey of 5 hours i checked into Hyatt Place where this beautiful painting welcomed me. I was glad that this holy island finally has a hotel from an international brand, strategically located close to all the iconic hot-spots of Rameswaram.
  • Hyatt Place Rameswaram
    Hyatt Place Rameswaram
    Convenient location ✔Spacious rooms ✔
     Hyatt Place was just the kind of hotel a city-goer would love. Straightforward and functional in its design, the hotel was comfortable, convenient and a safe placeto stay in as i explored Rameswaram.
  • Pamban
    India's oldest sea bridge 🙌Not many trains available :(
    After a good nap in the afternoon, i set out on my solo adventure & bought the ticket for INR 25 from Rameswaram station for a thrilling ride over the fascinating Pamban sea bridge. Yes! Exactly what you see in SRK's Chennai Express.
  • Pamban Bridge
    Pamban Bridge
    An experience totally worth it! ✨
    Just when we were approaching the sea bridge, i moved a bit closer to my window, the only outlet to the outdoor beauty. What a beauty! I was surrounded by pristine blue waters till as far as my eyes could see. The bridge was now only 1 meter wide and 2.5 km long.
  • Pamban Bascule Railway Bridge
    Pamban Bascule Railway Bridge
    Spectacular view of the island 🗾
    If you ever happen to be here do not miss the view of Rameswaram Island from the Pamban bridge. It is just spectacular!
  • Dhanushkodi Beach
    Dhanushkodi Beach
    The ghost town of Dhanuskhkodi 👿
    After I experienced Pamban Bridge(said to be the among the world’s most dangerous sea-bridges). I was still on that high when I stepped into Dhanushkodi where broken churches and houses were lying in rubble.
  • Dhanushkodi
    A beautiful spot ❤Offers the nature's best.Also the worst :/
    This is where the quiet & serene Bay of Bengal meets the wild & aggressive Indian Ocean. But this is not the only recall value this beach town has anymore. The cyclonic storm of 1964 washed away this busy & crowded city killing close to 2000 people. Now all we see is remnants.
  • Hyatt Place Rameswaram
    Hyatt Place Rameswaram
    Yummy food 👌Serves only vegetarian food ✔
    After an eventful day at Dhanuskhkodi I returned to the hotel. I ordered this North Indian special Thali to deal with my hunger pangs & after a scrumptious dinner, went to bed in no time.
  • Mosque Street
    Mosque Street
    What an inspiring soul! 😊
    A trip to Rameswaram would not be complete without a visit to the ‘Kalam House’. Situated on Mosque Street, this is where our former President was raised. A child of a boat owner and a home maker, who went on to become one of the foremost scientists of the country.
  • Mosque Street
    Mosque Street
    👆Dr Kalam's preserved flying suit.
    The house has been converted into a museum and is maintained by his older brother. I was taken through a guided tour of the house with narration, retold stories of his childhood, hiss discoveries and learnings.
  • Arulmigu Ramanathaswamy Temple
    Arulmigu Ramanathaswamy Temple
    An historical place. 🙆
    This is one of the most important and obvious reasons to visit the holy island.Considered as one of the Char Dhams,Ramanathaswamy is one of the holiest temples in the Hindu religion with several shrines. 
  • Arulmigu Ramanathaswamy Temple
    Arulmigu Ramanathaswamy Temple
    👆The longest temple corridor ever!
    The huge temples have beautiful ornate corridors, towers and is home to 36 theerthams. Interestingly, this massive structure started off a small hut and over time people added to the temple to create the mammoth structure.
  • Ariyaman beach
    Ariyaman beach
    Blissful 👣Not very crowded 👍
    150 m of sheer bliss! That’s what i call it. Relax and just take in the beauty of this white sand wonder. If interesting one can go parasailing or a water scooter ride too.
  • Ariyaman beach
    Ariyaman beach
    The soothing waves ❤Amazing sunset 🌅
    The beach has a stretch of gorgeous looking trees that makes it the perfect picnic spot. As the sun was ready to say goodbye for the day, i lay on the sand soaking in the beauty of Rameswaram one last time before my journey here ends.



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