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  • 🎒 Solo Tripping Through Rajasthan 🐪

    Supriya Gowda
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  • Rajasthan
    🔎 Exploring : The land of kings!
    Rajasthan or the Land of the Kings, screams of India’s grandeur and magnificence. Its majestic palaces, white and golden-sand deserts, traditional crafts and authentic cuisine make Rajasthan an ideal choice for all kind of travellers.
  • Rajasthan
    A spontaneous solo trip. 🚶
    My solo trip to Rajasthan was a very spontaneous one. It all started with a conversation among friends about exploring India. That's when i decided Rajasthan it is. A friend of mine was going to accompany me on this trip but at the last minute she backed off.
  • Hawa Mahal Road
    Hawa Mahal Road
    The culture. 🙌
    From desert scrub to holy lakes, one thing that is hard to grasp for the first-time visitor is the sheer size of the place. Unfortunately i had only a week to explore this desert state. It could not get to all of the major sights but i made sure i visit most of them.
  • Hawa Mahal
    Hawa Mahal
    Well developed tourism 👍
    My journey start with me landing in the capital of Rajasthan, Jaipur. It was very different from how I thought it might be. Famous for being the “pink city” and for its wonderful palaces, I’d developed a somewhat romantic vision of Jaipur.
  • City Palace
    City Palace
    Palace worth the visit. 👌
    The main sights of Amer Fort (Amber Fort) and City Palace are not to be missed kinda places and the top sights for good reason. I didn’t go to the Hawa Mahal—the view from outside was enough for me, and reports are that it gets pretty claustrophobic inside the corridors.
  • Anokhi Museum
    Anokhi Museum
    Beautiful block prints ❤
    At a short walk from the Amber Fort in Amber, i came across this interesting block printing museum called Anokhi. Block Printing is a beautiful, traditional Rajasthani art that is fast dying out but this place just makes you want to buy all of it.
  • Anokhi Museum
    Anokhi Museum
    Shopping 👗
    One can also visit the Anokhi store which sells clothing made from the hand-printed fabrics. After picking a few things as souvenirs, had my lunch at their organic cafe. Do not miss this place!
  • Pushkar
    Welcoming vibe 😊
    A stay in Rajasthan’s holiest town, Pushkar, was yet another highlight of my Rajasthan trip. A visit to Pushkar is the kind that turns from one night into two, into far longer than expected. I spent 3 out of 7 days here.
  • Pushkar Lake
    Pushkar Lake
    Spiritual India 🙇
    Pushkar Lake – around which the town is formed – is said to have been formed when a lotus flower fell from the hands of Lord Brahma. It’s also the only place in India where you can find Brahma temples. Aside from the odd temple visit, there’s also not a huge amount to do here.
  • Pushkar
    Masala chai 🍵
    An early morning walk around town and soaking up the atmosphere by the lake will give you all the introduction needed to this place. The cafes at Jaipur Ghat are a great spot to sit with a chai and watch the sunrise.
  • Pushkar
    This man and his saxophone 🎷
    If you have seen my Gokarna trail you will know this man. Yes! What a coincidence. I never thought i ll end up meeting him again and that to in Rajasthan. I totally love what he plays.
  • Pushkar
    The Rajasthani Fest 😺
    Pushkar is also famous for its Camel Fair each year, which depending on your love for crowds and dust you may wish to come for or avoid. I personally being the curios cat, decided to go see what it is.
  • Pushkar Camel Safari
    Pushkar Camel Safari
    Pushkar is famous for its Camel Fair each year, which depending on your love for crowds and dust you may wish to come for or avoid. The town gets incredibly full during the festival.
  • Hotel Everest
    Hotel Everest
    Great hospitality 💯
    There are many small guesthouses in the centre of Pushkar and around. I always prefer having a more personal experience so,I stayed at Hotel Everest which is run by a local family, serves great food & chai, and has a wonderful roof terrace with views over the city.
  • Udaipur
    Beautiful city! ❤
    After 3 days in Pushkar i travelled to Udaipur, the “City of Lakes” or “Venice of the East”. It is branded as India’s most Romantic city. I also found it to be Rajasthan’s most touristic place.
  • Udaipur
    The scenic beauty. 😺
    Watching the morning mist clear over the mountains beyond Lake Pichola from the battlements of the City Palace is a memorable sight. My best advice? Do get up earlier than everyone else for some moments of solitude.
  • Taj Lake Palace
    Taj Lake Palace
    Too expensive 💰
    If you have palatial dreams and want to live out the true fairytale in Udaipur stay at the Lake Palace. It is only accessible to those who have booked a room to stay there (no visits for drinks/tea allowed). Book well in advance and bring a large wallet!
  • Panorama Guest House
    Panorama Guest House
    View from the terrace ✔
    I stayed on the Hanuman Ghat side of the lake – a stone’s throw away from the main part of the city across the lake, and with (arguably) much better views than from the other side. The guest house where I stayed is family run and had incredible views of the lake from my roof.
  • Millets Of Mewar
    Millets Of Mewar
    Healthy food ( tasty too) 👍
    Apart from all the beautiful places to look at, there are also food places like Millets of Mewar, which is a great spot to eat some of the healthiest food in Udaipur – of both Indian and International varieties.
  • Millets Of Mewar
    Millets Of Mewar
    Cooking classes very really fun 👌
    They also have a guest house attached to the restaurant. The two happy people you see in the picture are the owners here. They offer food tours of Udaipur and Cooking Classes too. A very friendly couple.
  • Jaisalmer
    Not so impressive 💔
    Often described as appearing out of the Great Indian Desert like a mirage, my personal experience with Jaisalmer was less romantic. Even though it did begin with a sunrise overlooking the city. This was my last destination before i went back to Bangalore.
  • Desert Safari
    Desert Safari
    Insta worthy location 📷
    A desert safari in Jaisalmer evokes an amazing picture of brilliance and the desolation of the desert. The golden city of Rajasthan is well-known for its camel safaris into the Thar desert. Apart from the safari there isn't anything much to do in Jaisalmer.
  • Jaisalmer
    Trying Rajasthani dishes. 🙌
    When in Rajasthan, eat like the Rajasthanis! I tried the iconic Dal Baati Churma, the most-loved food in Rajasthan. Baati is a hard bread that is served with a mixed-lentil dal. This was one heavenly meal i have had so far.
  • Jaisalmer
    Will be back here again 🐪
    I spent 11 days travelling around Rajasthan and Pushkar was my favourite places. I unintentionally timed my visit with the annual Camel Fair, which was an amazing sight to see, and we also hiked up to a temple there to catch the glimpse of a beautiful sunrise.



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