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  • How I Travelled to Philippines for less than Rs. 20,000 ❤️

    Namrata Sarma
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  • Philippines
    Doesnt include flight tickets
    Philippines is a beautiful destination. My parents had been here with their friends a few years ago & loved it. So I decided why not take a solo trip of a few days to the stunning country? The only problem - money. But somehow, I managed to spend less than Rs. 20000! 😁
  • Kawasan Falls
    Kawasan Falls
    Parking fee: USD 1Entry Fee: USD 0.80
    I rented a scooter & rode to the Kawasan Falls on my first day. It's about 2 hours from where I was staying. I paid the parking fee & bought the entry ticket. What a sight it was! People swimming in the waters, diving in, abandoned bridges & so much more to see! It was beautiful
  • Kawasan Falls
    Kawasan Falls
    Canyoneering + Rafting: USD 12Adrenaline rush ❤️
    I was super interested in the canyoneering & the locals here charged much lesser compared to actual guides. Diving through the waterfall was so much fun & the bamboo rafting was a great experience too! 😍 I'd suggest avoiding this on the weekends since it gets very crowded!
  • Lambug
    The beautiful sunset 😍
    I spent most of my day at the Falls & headed to Lambug beach in the evening. Its on the way back to my hotel & I arrived exactly for the stunning sunset! I spent an hour here before riding back to my hotel after an eventful day. Don't forget to buy a coconut for refreshment! 😋
  • Oslob Whale Shark Watching
    Oslob Whale Shark Watching
    Diving Package: USD 20 inclusive
    Day 2 was the Oslob Whale Shark Watching which was THE best time experience I've had! They literally take you to swim with whale sharks that are harmless. Whale sharks are also the world's largest fish & they were literally in touching distance for me 😍
  • Oslob Whale Shark Watching
    Oslob Whale Shark Watching
    Being so close to the sharks!Carry extra pair of clothes!
    Yes that is me with a massive whale shark right behind me! The company I went through was Aaron Beach Resort & they gave me everything I needed. The entire experience was so great & I would definitely do it again if I got another chance 😍
  • Tingko Beach
    Tingko Beach
    The festive vibe ❤️
    I had a quick lunch after whale shark watching & headed to Tingko Beach for some fun! It's such a happening place with karoake & so many people with a nice festive vibe 😍 I even played frisbee! I got a couple of beers here before heading back to my hotel for the night.
  • Sumilon Island
    Sumilon Island
    Boat round trip: USD 20Chilling by the beach 😍
    The next morning, I took a boat ride to Sumilom Beach. Today was my chill day & Sumilon Island is perfect for that ❤️ I spent the day sunbathing & sipping on drinks. I walked in the waters for a while too & it was the perfect sunny day to do it all 😋
  • Tumalog Falls
    Tumalog Falls
    Less crowds!Gentle falls 😍Entry Fee: USD 0.40
    On my last day, I headed to Tumalog Falls. I rode all the way up the hill till the entrance. I parked for free. The Falls were AMAZING 😍. I even saw a rainbow at the base of the falls! I walked around for a while & even got a fish spa done near the main falls!
  • Casa Bonita Inn 1
    Casa Bonita Inn 1
    Hotel Price for 4 nights: USD 30
    I returned to check out of my hotel, Casa Bonita Inn. It's fairly cheap & is close to all the places I visited except for Kawasan Falls. Restaurants are walking distance too! The staff here are polite & I stayed in a double room. Book in advance since there are less hotels here
  • La Terrasse
    La Terrasse
    La Terrasse Restaurant 😍
    Meals in the area are around USD 10. Don't miss out on trying the Red Horse beer. One thing I found difficult was finding vegetarian food, but there's a supermarket nearby which helped a lot 😋 I hired the scooter for about USD 20 for the few days which was fairly cheap too 😍
  • Philippines
    The ridiculous traffic 🤯
    Indian citizens need a visa for Philippines which costs about USD 40. The flights are between Rs. 25000-35000. The connectivity is Philippines is amazing too, but the traffic is absolutely ridiculous. If you're travelling a group, taking a cab instead of a bus will save time 😋
  • Philippines
    All in all, Philippines is a wonderful island to visit - whether you're going with family, friends or even alone like me 😍 It's fairly close to India as well, so if you're looking for a quick getaway, Philippines is a great option ❤️



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    Namrata Sarma
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