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  • 25 Of The Biggest Party Animal Cities Around The World!🍻🎉🎆

    Apsara Ashok
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  • Paris
    Here are some of the hippest, quaintest and distinct places!You have authentic pubs, cocktail bars, rooftop lounges, cabaret shows, jazz acts, opera performances, live gigs and so much more. Here is a list of 25 of the best cities in the world to party in with your friends!
  • Buenos Aires
    Buenos Aires
    While the world is busy snoozing, this is the time when party zombies in Buenos Aires, Argentina head out to paint the town red. Beginning after midnight, the revelry extends way up till the break of dawn at 6 am!
  • Buenos Aires
    Buenos Aires
    The bars offer a blend of singers, dancers and musicians. Rojo Tango is the place to go for a casual night out! Here, you can have fun with a tango cabaret performance, live orchestra along with a three-course meal.
  • Ibiza
    Frequently referred to as the ‘Clubbing capital of the world’, there is no wonder why Ibiza makes the cut. The land of sunshine treats with some top notch clubs; Pacha, Amnesia, Privilege, El Divino, to name a few!
  • Ibiza
    If underground trance is your thing, there is quite a lot of that happening in some discreet locations.  You can ask about in some hippy markets to get the tip off of these parties. Whereas, something like Cafe Pereira is ideal for you jazz music lovers!
  • Amsterdam
    Yes, we know that Amsterdam is known for its red light area, but look beyond and there is another magic world of night life worth reveling in. For live gigs, you can go to the contemporary setting of Paradiso!
  • Amsterdam
    If you are looking for something more woody and local, then Zeedij is the place. Other noteworthy night haunts include Wynand Fockink, (where you can taste fine Dutch liquors), Wolvenstraat and Leidseplein!
  • Rio de Janeiro
    Rio de Janeiro
    Referred to as the ‘marvelous city’, this seductive destination boasts of a varied it the theaters, clubs, restaurants or live acts. When here, you cannot miss the groovy rhythms of samba. For the same, saunter off to clubs referred to as Casas de Samba!
  • Paris
    The city of fashion, romance and lights Paris is where you can enjoy at night as well! Speaking of which, one cannot miss the Moulin Rouge (with its iconic red lit windmill) that lures tourists all over for its glitzy cabaret performances!
  • Rome
    Grab a bit of sleep before you venture out as the night action begins post-midnight and continues till early mornings! Gregory’s is a noteworthy jazz bar, among the best as a matter of fact! For a true Roman experience, visit the wine bar of Il Piccolo that is located off Piazza!
  • Las Vegas
    Las Vegas
    Sin City baby! A place where carousing never ends, you have casinos and shows that run around the clock. Come early mornings and the clubs are still buzzing!
  • Montreal
    A place where carousing never ends, you have casinos and shows that run around the clock! Come early mornings and the clubs are still buzzing! Pullman situated in the Latin Quarter is just right for wine aficionados! Le Lab is another must visit for cocktails!
  • Chicago
    Long known for its classy sports bars, Chicago also gives a fine feel of night clubs. Exuding a diverse ambiance, Aviary has made a name for itself thanks to their one of a kind cocktails created from fresh herbs and fruits!
  • Los Angeles
    Los Angeles
    A tinsel town where the biggies of Hollywood reside, Los Angles needless to say boasts of a glamorous nightlife too. Harvard & Stone, displaying World War II décor and noteworthy cocktail menu, is a fine place to visit!
  • Los Angeles
    Los Angeles
    Keeping you in high spirits are the live acts and American liquor choices. The Stark Bar located in Mid-City West takes you back to another time. The trendy Supper Club, and exceptional Beacher’s Madhouse can make it to your party list too!
  • Bangkok
    Steeped in wealth, Bangkok entices party goers with its luxurious and opulent bars. After all, this destination is famous for some of the finest after-hours spots! Along with some good times, you can also lap up great views of the city!
  • Miami
    Nikki Beach Club is a must visit!
    Apart from some stunning people, this place is also known for some hardcore partying. Make a dive to the South Beach, where the scene is bustling. Go discover the posh lounges and heart thumping dance clubs that line the art deco streets. 
  • Tel Aviv
    Tel Aviv
    Things start stirring up here post 11 pm, gaining true momentum at 2 am and carry on till early morning hours. Before fully getting into the groove, several head to Nanutchka first for dinner, specialty drinks and a good range of Georgian wines.
  • New Orleans
    New Orleans
    To be in what is considered as the best bar scene in America and some amazing food, go to New Orleans. As the sun sets, get a whiff of the city’s distinctive character. To delight in a boisterous experience, the French Quarter is apt where the party goes on till long!
  • Tokyo
    Welcoming you to hypnotizing neon lights, the night life in Tokyo is like no another, with a range of choices from live music to bars to traditional Japanese Kabuki shows! Sweet Basil 139 is the place to be if you prefer a swish jazz club featuring world-wide performances!
  • Berlin
    Swathed in an eclectic night scene, Berlin does not disappoint.  Find anything and everything from good old pubs to wine bars, indie establishments to live acts and super discreet underground parties. Some of these go on till 6 to 7 am! 
  • Hong Kong
    Hong Kong
    The bustle and excitements of Hong Kong continues way after the sun sets. Foodies can satiate their cravings at the Temple Street Night Market. To get your fill of alcohol, Aqua Spirit that is located in a rather lofty skyscraper makes for a good option!
  • São Paulo
    São Paulo
    One of the best nightlife experiences is the joyous land of São Paulo. This is where you can cherish a refined, extensive assortment of styles & genres along with an easy-going relaxed and fun-loving crowd. You can head neighborhood of Vila Olímpia and Itaim Bibi to shake a leg!
  • New York
    New York
    The night life here so is worth humming about! Reel in a Broadway show, go cocktail-sipping and bar hopping in the East Village, dabble with some karaoke, the list is endless. Those who like to let their hair down, can grind the night away at the Gramercy Theatre!
  • Stockholm
    The city of beautiful people, Stockholm makes for an impressive nightlife too. Some of the options include Sturecopagniet, a classy place that is beautifully adorned. It has bars, lounges and a dancing floor. Other choices include White Room and Laroy and Hell’s Kitchen!
  • Barcelona
    From hippie scenes to glamorous shenanigans and parties that go on till sunrise, Barcelona is the place to be in. The true action starts from 1 am. Furtherspicing things up are clubs with theme nights!
  • London
    Now here is a city with a nightlife offering a little bit of something to everyone. Be it comedy cabarets, boutique bars, arts, culture and more. Go watch a brilliant jazz act at the Berkeley Hotel, visit the dusty blue walls at Blue Bar for inventive cocktails and tasty menus!
  • Dublin
    Ireland has been known for its charming and inviting pubs. Its capital, Dublin, is where the party is happening. One cannot miss the Temple Bar area which is strewn with endless pre-club bars and pubs. Famous are the Temple Bar Pub and Doheny& Nesbitt!
  • Dublin
    And that's it for today's trail! So guys, when you're on your adventures, you know which cities to go to, to let your hair down! Party hard!


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    Apsara Ashok
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