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  • Orachha
    Palaces forts of this ancient town.Sit by the Betwa river for sunsetHistory of the Bundelha Rajput King
    It was as if I was transported back to the 16th century in the capital of the mighty Bundhela Rajput Kings. Every part of this ancient town spells history. The monuments here still retain their original grandeur even to this day. This laid-back town is perfect for backpackers.
  • Khajuraho
    Hindu & Jain temples built in 950ADKnown for its stunning carvingsArt is engrained in this small townFor history & architecture lovers
    Scattered over an area of about nine square miles these Hindu and Jain temples were built between 950 to 1050 AD by the Chandella rulers. The carvings depict the innocent form of love and the walls display passion in the most erotic yet aesthetic ways. Best for offbeat getaways.


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