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  • Taking pride in who we are🏳️‍🌈 // Top 12 unconventional LGBTQ friendly countries!🌎

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  • NYC
    We are here, we are queer and we are proud!🌈 The world's becoming better piece by piece and here are the 12 off beat countries you can plan a vacation in while the pride month is in full bloom!🏵️
  • Skiathos
    #1 Skiathos, Greece We all know that Mykonos is well known for it's open mind but not too far from it is Skiathos! One can sip cool wine whilst enjoying in the numerous gay bars alongside the beautiful blue ocean🌊
  • Palm Springs
    Palm Springs
    #2 Palm Springs, USA Palm springs hosts the biggest LGBTQ parties there is, with people coming in from all over the world!👯‍♀️🎊 This party by Jeffery Sankers is known for non stop dancing, drinking and going crazy for 3 whole days at the end of every April!
  • Tel Aviv
    Tel Aviv
    #3 Tel Aviv, Israel Tel Aviv makes history by being the most LGBTQ tolerant country in the entire Middle East and last year saw one of it's biggest parades yet! The sea, the food and the kind hearted people make this a trip worthy city!🇮🇱
  • Copenhagen
    #4 Copenhagen, Denmark Copenhagen is a must do! It's got the world's oldest gay bar for God's sake! Not only that, it's one of the most open countries of Europe and became the first country to recognize same sex civil partnership in 1989!
  • Taipei City
    Taipei City
    #5 Taipei, Taiwan The city that boasts of the biggest pride parade in Asia is quite the LGBTQ tourist destinations! It's got great policies and an even better environment 🌈
  • Sitges
    #6 Sitges, Spain Sitges is a gateway for the most fun LGBTQ vacation one can have! It has a big carnival in the month of February and in June it converts the entire beach front into a gay village for 5 days that include fashion shows and DJs partying🎧
  • Toronto
    #7 Toronto, Canada Toronto was named the 3rd most LGBTQ friendly city in 2017 and even has a list of queer owned restaurant on it's official page! We're loving it!♥️
  • Reykjavík
    #8 Reykjavík, Iceland The building in this picture is their state college, which is a homage to the LGBTQ folks and it's Reykjavik's way of saying, we support ya!🌈 It's a great party town and they even legalised same sex marriage back in 2010!
  • Auckland
    #9 Auckland, New Zealand In February, Auckland is busy celebrating it's pride for a whole 2 and a half months with a big 'gay out' and it's very own Mr. Gay New Zealand!
  • Bali
    #10 Bali, Indonesia Bali welcomes everyone with open arms and it's a treat for the LGBTQ community as they have innumerous queer owned businesses as well as parties! Bali has a great crowd, one not to be missed!
  • Buenos Aires
    Buenos Aires
    #11 Buenos Aires, Argentina Buenos Aires is one of the few places in South America that truly embraces the LGBTQ community with it's enthusiastic participation in businesses and parades!
  • Capri
    #12 Capri, Italy Also known as the island of love, Capri is a beautiful town just off Naples in Italy that is known for it's rich LGBTQ history! It welcomes travelers with open arms irrespective of who they are and that's what makes this a special destination!🏞️



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