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  • The Offbeat Side Of Mystical Munnar 🍃

    Supriya Gowda
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  • Munnar
    Seeking nature therapy 🍃
    You know that feeling when you are watching Planet Earth or some other program about nature and travel, & you think, “if that is planet earth, what planet am I on?” With so much budding desire to reaffirm our earthling-ness we headed towards Munnar.
  • Palakkad
    Beautiful sunrise 🌞
    It was a long drive — about 9 hours of driving time and maybe 11 hours considering the breaks. Early morning departure contributes in making a long drive stress-free and so we started around 2 am and reached Palakkad by 7 in the morning.
  • Munnar
    The scenery! ❤
    After pushing our cars through several rolling bends we met a sight so spectacular that we had to stop. The pristine mountain air with its distinctive smell, the cool surroundings which were nearly 10℃ cooler than the plains & the mist descending into the valley.
  • Munnar
    The beautiful sceneries 🍃
    Munnar is a hill station in Kerala, located about 1600 metres above mean sea level, in the portion of the Western Ghats that lie south of the Palakkad Gap. As we learned, hearing the locals say it, it’s pronounced “moon-aar” & it means the "land of three rivers" in Malayalam.
  • Rajakkad
    Room with such a view ✨
    We arrived at our accommodations, a lovely resort next to the Ponmudi reservoir in Rajakkad, Kerala. We just had enough energy to have dinner and retire for the day. 
  • Iruttukanam
    Such lovable herbivorous giants 🐘
    We had decided to use the services of a tour guide on the first day, to help us find the best sights at Munnar. We started off with an Elephant ride at Iruttukanam. It was a breathtaking experience to sit atop a majestic elephant & traverse the spectacular jungle countryside.
  • Munnar
    What an heavenly tour! 🌿
    Next on list was a tour of the spice and herb plantation ( after all we were in the Kerala, the spice garden of India). Munnar is indeed an heaven of spices and will leave your senses tingling with joy! 
  • Chengulam Reservoyer
    Chengulam Reservoyer
    Wonderful scenery! Absolutely Instagram worthy 📷
    After a tasty lunch at a resolutely unhurried restaurant and we headed for a lazy boat ride in the beautiful Chengulam reservoir. There are multiple options of peddle boats, speed boats and large boats too. The place is definitely worth instagram.
  • Ponmudi Reservoir
    Ponmudi Reservoir
    Calm and peace everywhere 😊
    We were much less tired at the end of the day than when we had arrived. So later than evening we decided to have a closer look at the Ponmudi reservoir which was very near to our accommodation.
  • Attukad Waterfall
    Attukad Waterfall
    Heavenly destination! ❤
    As decided last evening we first went to see Attukad Falls, a lovely spot lying between Munnar and Pallivasal where rocky hills and small waterfalls dot the landscape. The sight of panoramic waterfall and rolling hills just left us awestruck.
  • Munnar
    Authentic Kerala meals ✔
    After we had completely discovered Attukad we decided to get some lunch at Munnar town and then visit the Kanan Devan Tea Museum.
  • Tea Museum
    Tea Museum
    A century old tea plantation 🌿
    It is the country’s first ever Tea Museum located at KDHP’s Nullatanni Estate, at just a five minute drive from Munnar Town.
  • Tea Museum
    Tea Museum
    An exclusive museum only for tea 🍵
    At the Kanan Devan Tea Museum we learned how tea leaves are plucked and then either steamed and dried into green tea or cut, oxidised and shaken into various grades of black tea ranging from leafy to dusty. 
  • Tea Museum
    Tea Museum
    An interesting tea tour ✔
     It was an interesting place that breathed tea snobbery from the lecture and videos on tea to the various exhibits illustrating the making of the teas, but Ironically, the only tea you could get to drink was from the vending machine!
  • Kallimali view point
    Kallimali view point
    View like none other 👌
    After duly purchasing some tea and spices, we returned back to our resort and since it was to be our last day here, we stopped over at the Kallimali viewpoint near the resort to admire another angle of the Ponmudi reservoir.
  • Salem
    Healing therapy away from the buzz!In the nature's arms ❤
    Our vacation was going to be over soon but the trip definitely confirmed to us the beauty of the planet we live in. But while we may reside on the same planet, we often live in our made up little worlds & an escapade like this, once in a while is necessary!



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