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  • Keeping it cool in Rajasthan: Weekend trip to Mount Abu⛰️

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  • Mount Abu
    Mount Abu
    Leaves drooped and taxiwallahs sighed at the unending stream of precipitation! A few days away from this sweltering heat was all I wanted. I had explored all places around Mumbai, so me along with another friend zeroed on Mount Abu, the highest point in the Aravalli Range!
  • Mount Abu
    Mount Abu
    Since Mount Abu is easily accessible by excellent roads we never really had a problem. Once we had reached Abu we chilled for a while at the hotel and started with sightseeing soon after!
  • Nakki Lake
    Nakki Lake
    A leisurely stroll from h hotel took us to one of the most popular tourist destinations here, the Nakki Lake. The market side is right next to the lake but the kind of serenity along the lake is simply beautiful!
  • Nakki Lake
    Nakki Lake
    You can also indulge in some super cool water sports! Isn't that amazing!
  • Dilwara Temples
    Dilwara Temples
    Timing: 12pm to 6 pm non jains
    Next we ventured to see what is touted to be even more beautiful than the Taj in it's interiors- The Dilwara Temples! These breathtaking temples were a complete "Paisa vasool" for us. I've never seen such workmanship anywhere before. Such finesse and beauty all carved in marble!
  • Mount Abu
    Mount Abu
    Mount Abu is also the headquarters of the Brahmakumaris Spiritual University and they host visitors from all around the world. This was our next stop! They also have a fabulous garden with an exquisite display of roses and other flowers!
  • Achalgarh Fort
    Achalgarh Fort
    Post lunch our next stop was at the Achalgarh Fort. The fort is in a dilapidated condition now. There is a temple at the entrance that we visited but there was nothing much to see at the fort so we had to retreat back!
  • Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary
    Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary
    Entry: FREEETiming: 9 am to 6pm
    We were soon at the Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary. There are dry deciduous forest all around and it is a wonderful place to be at. Unfortunately we spotted nothing but a bear. Sad day!
  • Trevor's Tank
    Trevor's Tank
    A little work from the sanctuary and we were at the Trevor's park. There were so many birds pooping all around that after sometime we were annoyed. But wait I saw something in the tank! It was a CROCODILE!YES! I can't describe how happy I was at seeing a CROCODILE the first time!
  • Guru Shikhar
    Guru Shikhar
    After a tedious walk through the mountains we had finally made it to our last destination for the day- The Guru Shikhar! This happens to be the highest point of the Aravalli Range and the view from here left us spellbound! We waited back almost till sunset and left soon after!
  • Adhar Devi Temple
    Adhar Devi Temple
    Next morning we made a quick pitstop at the Aruba Devi Temple. I had almost decided not to go up there since we had to go though 365 steep steps but then when were we gonna come back here again, so one last time we did give it a shot. The temple also had some beautiful statues!
  • Raghunath Temple
    Raghunath Temple
    After we had descended from the 365 steps of previous temple we made another visit to the Raghunath Temple. Initially I thought it world be useless for me since I'm not aan ardent follower of the religion, but the local architecture there kept me busy.
  • Peace Park
    Peace Park
    Pictures not allowedTiming: 10am to 6pm
    We wanted to distract ourselves from the religious mood that the previous visits had led to so we made a visit to the Peace Park to chill a little bit. It is an extremely peaceful place however the sad part is we couldn't take any pictures!
  • Toad Rock
    Toad Rock
    As the sun began to descend we began our journey to the Toad Rock which is right behind the Nakki Lake. However we were extremely saddened at the condition of this place. It is a beautiful view point but lack of cleanliness and dumb lovers writing their names makes it shabby!
  • Sunset Point
    Sunset Point
    Since we didn't like the previous place and didn't want to end our beautiful day there we decided to go up to the Sunset Point. And the view was spectacular!!!! I swear sunsets always have my heart! And this one will always be special:)
  • Mount Abu
    Mount Abu
    After sunset we left immediately for we had to pack and leave next morning! This was an amazing relief time from the summer heat in Mumbai. A much needed break! Now going back with tons of pictures and memories for a lifetime;)



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