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  • Mesmerised in Monaco.

    Atreya Mathur
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  • Monaco
    Hotel De ParisThe cafes and macaroon shops!
    Monaco was a place of golden, shiny wonder. A place where even your dreams seemed insignificant next to the realities of some. The grandeur of the second smallest country in the world is truely unbelievable.
  • Monte Carlo
    Monte Carlo
    Monte Carlo was the perfect mix of the excitement of city life with quiet old town charm. It all seemed over the top but down to earth at the same time..
  • Monaco
    There’s stunning views hidden in narrow, cobblestone shopping streets, gorgeous beaches, fabulous food, gardens, spas, larger-than-life hotels, and everything in the air just seems magical.
  • Monaco-Ville
    A quick drive along winding coastal highways; the boats, cars, houses gettting bigger and bolder as we drove closer!
  • Grimaldi Forum
    Grimaldi Forum
    Budget friendly
    Despite it being incredibly fancy, it was also quite budget friendly!! So. Dressed in our best, we pretended our juice boxes were fancy champagne, complimenting our cheese platter and handmade burgers!
  • Musée océanographique de Monaco
    Musée océanographique de Monaco
    First landmark we saw was the Oceanographic Museum. The building itself was a 106 year old historical masterpiece, perched on the edge of the mythical Rock of Monaco- the ride up whew had gorgeous views!
  • Monaco
    We made our way up the coastal slope passing apartments that left our jaws permanently dropped. We snapped photos at the Saint Nicholas Cathedral as well where Grace Kelly married Prince Rainier III. Everything here looked out of a painting!
  • Monaco City
    Monaco City
    Incredible historyFriendly locals and tour guides!
    We continued our way up to the Prince's Palace. Here, history tells of how Monaco has remained true to it's ruling family, through many different interferring nations- the guides told us stories that I doubt we could’ve found anywhere else..
  • Monaco
    We explored the narrow alleyways of Old Town Monaco, established in the middle ages, weaving their way up the hill towards to palace. I couldve spent all day shopping and eating here!
  • Monaco Yacht Club
    Monaco Yacht Club
    Gorgeous views by the front.
    There were panoramic views everywhere we turned as we made our way back down the hill.
  • Casino Monte Carlo
    Casino Monte Carlo
    We then moved on to the Monte Carlo Casino! Finally able to get our fancy pants on! This was a real eye-opening experience. Standing out the front, we were gobsmacked at the dollars casually cruising around.
  • Monte Carlo
    Monte Carlo
    To enter the Monte Carlo Casino, there is a 10 Euro entrance fee, but just to be inside and able to gawk at the jewels encrusted on the walls and roofs, is well worth it.
  • Ladurée
    The afternoon continued with a visit to Lauduree for its pretty carousel and delicious macaroons!! Our night ended with an evening stroll along the water, sea breeze in my hair, splurging on the most expensive ice cream I've ever purchased and.. seeing a convertible Range Rover!
  • Monaco
    The history, the coastal landscape, the casinos and way of life was quite an addition to my travels and made for a wonderful European Adventure!



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    Atreya Mathur
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