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  • French Quarter of India : Pondicherry

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  • Matrimandir
    Go in morning best time to visitIts nature beauty
    Its a yoga centre : I visited in day time its little hot there but there nature and peaceful environment is breath taking
  • White Town
    White Town
    Colourful buildingMust visit in day time and capture
    Its a place where u feel u r not in india yellow buildings mostly and old french structure its makes ur heartout
  • Promenade Beach
    Promenade Beach
    SunriseYou will love this !!
    First i reached in Pondicherry and i directly went to see this beautiful sunrise which is absolutely worth on this beach
  • Cafe des Arts
    Cafe des Arts
    Breakfast too yummy!!!Click pics near this wall for sure😜
    I went in this beautiful cafe dor breakfast and its to good . You can eat here all continentals breakfast
  • Immaculate Conception Cathedral
    Immaculate Conception Cathedral
    Beautiful ArchitectureVisit in afternoon u will be amazed
    When i visit this church marriage function going on , amazing experience to see marriage in church which i saw on movies only😁
  • Rock Beach
    Rock Beach
    Shinning rocks with beautiful oceanTry Le cafe coffee here
    I visit next day this place to see sunrise but my badluck its little cloudy but when i make this timelapse with for capturing sunrise this boat made this video amazing see yourself 😍😍
  • Paradise Beach
    Paradise Beach
    Fish fry on stalls too yummy!!Go in evening
    For enjoying with groups or with best buddies , this is the place only where you chilled out with low cost beer and awesome fish fry
  • French War Memorial
    French War Memorial
    View one side beach one side this πŸ‘Œ
    When i went to rock beach there only this memorial is situated , they made it in loving memory of french people who died for this country in First World war



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