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  • My backpack days from Manali - Devabhoomi

    Abhijit Singh
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  • Manali
    My backpack days started when I first visited this place . It's the Land of God's which will make you feel heaven if you're a nature lover. Let's take a Tour !
  • Kullu
    So this is what I found on my way to Manali somewhere between kullu and Manali where there is the convergence of the holy rivers Bea's and Parvati. It's so beautiful to see 2 colors meet .
  • Kangra
    I visited kangra which is about 30 kms from Manali n I sighted these from the road and it was drizzling in the month of June which made it more mystical.
  • Manali
    I took a taxi after halting in kullu for capturing some good shots then I headed to Manali early morning and I captured this early morning from the car with the so so cold breeze flowing when we find summers in June.
  • Manali
    Flow of river Do capture if you cn halt in btwn
    Now it was the time to see the holy river Parvati flowing in its beautiful way creating that sound which I loved the most cutting through rocks and finding it own way . 🙏
  • Mall Road
    Mall Road
    The view Take hotels above mall road
    So on reaching Manali I stayed in this hotel which was way up hill 5kms from Mall road and was super cheap with this view from my balcony . What you're seeing is the mall road and the people living there , also the mighty Himalayas hiding in those clouds.
  • Solang
    In the afternoon after having a walk in Mall road I headed to Solang Valley . You get to see this while you're on the way to Solang Valley . You won't find many shops up there so take your eatery n water from here itself.
  • Solang Valley
    Solang Valley
    Carry boots Take a MTV ride or a horse
    So we have reached Solang and if you're thinking of a trek this is where you start from after visiting the Shiva temple . The air is so fresh amd cold up here that it will freeze you if the clouds get dark n it rains but it's worthwhile.
  • Solang Valley
    Solang Valley
    This is the place I was talking about where you can do these rides and go up till here on foot/Bikes/horses as you like it . It's quite adventurous for people to take these and you'll be 100% safe .
  • Manali
    Perfect place for photographersMind that water flowing n the rocks
    You'll must be thinking and waiting to sight the mighty Himalayas so here they are. And this is how they like from Solang Valley , standing tall . I took this shot in June and they were still snowcapped.
  • Parvati And Shiva
    Parvati And Shiva
    Parvati Place for photographersTc cuz the rocks keep fallin frm up
    So this is for the photographers , keep yourself alert cuz you're going to find this stop while you're arriving at Manali , I took a taxi so I asked my driver to halt and I took this from my phone so if you have a wide angle then you all kill it.
  • Chopsticks Restaurant
    Chopsticks Restaurant
    Must visit place Best for chai lovers Try grilled spinach momosSoups are tasty too
    You might be hungry till now , this place serves amazing things to eat n drink which are all Tibetan dishes , you can have anything of your taste too from the menu .
  • Adventure Valley (Camping & trekking)
    Adventure Valley (Camping & trekking)
    Bhole BhaktCapture some amazing shots
    It the Solang Valley where you can do adventure sports and start your treks too from here . The place is very beautiful and what you're seeing is the Shiva temple where the shivling forms from the ice in winters and then it melts in summers and the water keeps dripping onto it.
  • Manali
    🙏👁️Devabhoomi Called for a reason
    Now it was time to bid goodbye to this amazing place , this place just holds me back every time I visit here and not just this but every place where there are hills n where I feel myself closer to nature . 🙏
  • Solang Valley
    Solang Valley
    View From my motel Carry windsheeter in summers Nights get colder One for my photographer friends
    One more that I would want to share with you people shot from my camera 600d in the month on June itself , the view is still a fresh and mesmerizing for me.
  • Palchan
    Bikes n hills The roads and the curves Wear helmets
    Spots you find when you're on the way to Solang and a bike ride just makes it more awesome .
  • Manali Mall Market.
    Manali Mall Market.
    People in hills
    The people in the hills have always been my best ones , they have always treated me as their family . I haven't seen such kind better people anywhere else.
  • Kangra
    Kangra FortMasroor Rock cut TempleMust visit these places
    Our very own beautiful Kangra, not that famous but certainly has some beautiful spots to click. Well that's one from my phone took it while I was travelling in the car.



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