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  • Decimate your stress at Shivanasamudra

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  • Malavalli
    An early morning ride to Gaganachukki and Barachukki Waterfalls (aka) Shivanasamudra. This glaring greenery en-route incited us to capture a groupie...📸
  • Bachanahalli
    Behold..! A.R.Rahman's gimmicks on the composition helped us to forget the tiredness of travel.
  • Gaganachukki Water Falls
    Gaganachukki Water Falls
    Peachy view of nature. Just watch it without batting your eyelashes rather than involving in futile talks.
  • Barachukki Waterfalls
    Barachukki Waterfalls
    Moment when I became an intrepid adventurer. Clench your feet to avoid fat chances of getting crippled. Worth taking a lil risk for capturing this monster..
  • Barachukki Waterfalls
    Barachukki Waterfalls
    This vantage point happened as a contingency. Best place to have a quick layover. All you can hear is the noise of vamoosing waterflow trying to reach its destination...🌊
  • kudur Mainroad
    kudur Mainroad
    Talakkad is another must visit place which is just 28kms away from Barachukki Falls. Never miss to take the coracle ride here. Happy Weekend travel-maniacs..😉


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