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  • The Best Day Trips From Hong Kong!🏯🌌🌃

    Apsara Ashok
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  • Macau
    The city of Hong Kong is renowned worldwide for being a glitzy cosmopolitan hub with a myriad of tempting attractions! From casinos to rooftop bars, skyscrapers and shopping malls, world class cuisine, the city has something to offer to everyone!
  • Macau
    In the space of a few hours you can find yourself exploring sandy beaches, tiny fishing villages and sparsely populated islands, all offering a unique taste of China outside of Hong Kong. Let’s discover the best day trips from Hong Kong!
  • Cheung Chau
    Cheung Chau
    In just 40mins by ferry, you can reach Cheung Chau. It combines the buzzing activity of its harbour with the tranquillity of its beaches, all within easy reach of each other! if you want to experience the island like a local, take a stroll through the pier. It’s exhilarating!
  • Macau
    A mere hour away by ferry from Hong Kong, you’ll find one of its most popular day trips: Macau. If you want a break from cultural sites, you can distract yourself with the mouthwatering delights of Macanese food: a fusion between Portuguese and Cantonese cooking!
  • Macau
    Culture and history buffs will not be disappointed; some must-see sites include the Ruins of St. Paul’s Church, Guia Hill, and the gorgeously quant village of Coloane! If you’re feeling lucky you can also try your hand in one of the glittering casinos lining the main strip.
  • Guangzhou
    The city of Guangzhou is the third largest in China, and as such, has something to suit every taste. For a big city experience that’s a breath of fresh air from Hong Kong, Guangzhou offers a rich colonial history with both French and British influences!
  • Sai Kung
    Sai Kung
    Sai Kung is HK’s prime destination for sun seekers, surfers and seafood lovers because of its beautiful beaches and bays. Sai Kung Town is well worth a visit too, particularly its intriguing floating seafood market and plethora of fascinating shops and restaurants!
  • Shenzhen
    A wonderland full of quirky attractions and delicious eateries, Shenzen boasts some of the best shopping in the region and people flock across the Chinese border to make the most of lower prices here! For a local lunch experience, head over to Xiangmihu Holiday Village!
  • Lantau Island
    Lantau Island
    The large outlying island of Lantau is the largest that can be reached from Hong Kong and is a beautiful, vast expanse of gently rising forested mountains, small villages and pristine beaches, perfect for a day trip to unwind and relax! Head here for some world class sea food!
  • Mai Po
    Mai Po
    If you want to take a break from Hong Kong’s crowds and don’t feel like going to another beach, then a trip to Mai Po Marshes is the perfect way to escape for a day and get up close and personal with nature! Spend your day wandering the beautiful forests and marshlands!
  • Shui Hau
    Shui Hau
    For a truly rural coastal experience and an escape from the crowded city, take a day trip to the beautifully secluded Shui Hau Beach! The soft, white sands are back dropped by kite surfers zipping around the waves!
  • Zhuhai
    Zhuhai is just over an hour away from Hong Kong and is comprised of over 100 islands that are accessible by ferries. Besides the palm trees and beaches, Zhuhai is also known for its nightlife, with places like Lotus Road and Gangbei are the best places to go!
  • Shunde
    The city of Shunde is well and truly a hidden gem in China’s cultural landscape that not many people have heard of but is well worth a visit. The fact that a lot of the cultural sites are situated in areas of great natural beauty makes Shunde an incredible place to explore!
  • Lamma Island
    Lamma Island
    The sandy shores of Lamma Island offer exactly that, with beaches like Hung Shing Yeh attracting city dwellers all year round to relax in the sun! Visit Main Street soaking in the sights, or hunt down some excellent food; the waterfront seafood restaurants are worth the visit!
  • Tai O
    Tai O
    The tiny fishing village of Tai O is renowned for being the sole remaining stilt settlement left in Hong Kong! Here, you’ll find delicious, locally-made shrimp paste, as well as world-class seafood! glimpse of the area’s famous pink dolphins, revered & protected throughout Tai O.
  • Ngong Ping
    Ngong Ping
    The highland area of Ngong Ping can be found on the western side of Lantau Island and is an excellent day trip both for those with religious interests and those who simply want to marvel at the area. It’s best known for the iconic statue of the Tian Tan Buddha!
  • Beijing
    What better way to experience the real China than to pay a visit to its capital, which houses some of its most important cultural treasures. You’ll need to start your day early and catch an 8:00am flight if you want to have a good few hours in the city!
  • New Territories
    New Territories
    At the border of mainland China, you’ll find the suburban area known as the New Territories, a veritable cultural hotbed and melting pot of traditional customs and modern attitudes. Also well worth a visit is the beautiful Lam Tsuen Wishing Tree and the opulent Che Kung Temple!
  • Hong Kong
    Hong Kong
    And these are the best places to see if you are ever in Hong Kong! Other than the beautiful country of Hong Kong, if you ever have a few spare days, you must make the most of it!



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