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  • A Myriad of Indian Traditions !! 🌈

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  • Karur
    Tamil Nadu traditions. Different culture different custom.
    This 800 year old Mahalakshmi Temple in Karur district of Tamil Nadu follows a peculiar tradition during the Hindu Tamil festival of Aadi where the priest at the temple breaks coconuts on the heads of willing devotees who believe they will have their wishes granted by doing so.
  • Tamil Nadu
    Tamil Nadu
    Fire walking ceremony ! Dangerous rituals of India.
     Meant to serve as an opportunity for people to express, prove, reaffirm and even test their faith, this seemingly dangerous ritual, also known as Theemithi, is followed mostly by men where they walk over a pit filled with burning hot wood to prove their devotion to their Gods.
  • Kerala
    Dance of the gods. Spiritual possession by God.
    Considered thousands of years old, this ritual is performed in local shrines or festivals, by the performance of a dance and various rituals by certain locals who are at the time of Theyyam considered to be possessed by a certain god; so giving it the name, 'dance of the gods'.
  • Maharashtra
    Religious evils of society. Superstitious beliefs.
    While India has its many beautiful & astounding traditions, it also has some fanatic religious superstitions that are certainly irrational & dangerous. Practised by both Muslims & Hindus, this ritual of throwing a baby from a roof, is supposed to bring good fortune to the baby. 
  • Mumbai
    Worshipping snakes !
    The village of Baltis Shirale near Mumbai is said to celebrate one of the grandest snake worship ceremonies in the country, boasting of visitors coming from around the world to witness and pay respects and be enchanted with the mystical presence of such traditions.
  • India
    Some traditions of the past are so senseless and irrational that you can do nothing about them except laugh out loud and join in on the fun. Seen in rural Meghalaya, Assam, Maharashtra, & Karnataka is the rather unusual ritual of marrying animals, mostly to please the rain gods.
  • Mumbai
    Dahi Handi ceremony.
    Considered to be a reenactment of Hindu deity Krishna’s childhood when he gathered his friends to form similar pyramids to steal butter stored at heights above his reach, this is one of the most famous & unique ceremonies held especially on Janamashtami - lord Krishna's birthday.
  • Maharashtra
    Marking farewells.Bidding the gods goodbye !
    Immersing idols in water as part of the farewell after certain long lasting festivals is very common in India. The custom is followed in many grand and small ways and is uniquely special to festivals like the Ganesh Chaturthi and Durga Pooja in Bengal and elsewhere.
  • Mangalore
    Fire rituals.
    Also known as Agni Keli, this ritual has hundreds of Hindu devotees throwing burning palm frond torches at each other with the belief that doing so will appease the goddess Durga. It involves throwing burning palm frond torches from a distance of about 10–15 meters at each other.
  • India
    One of the most unique and special customs of this country is the way we consume our food; sitting down and eating with our hands. In many villages all over the country, food is served in such banana leaves and people sit in huge rows and eat with their hands.



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