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    Manav Verma
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  • Humayun's Tomb
    Humayun's Tomb
    Beautiful architecture
    Beautiful Mughal style Persian architecture mausoleum at Humayun tomb in delhi built by his wife Hamida after 14 years of his death setting a new vogue. Its massive and a must visit site whenever you are in Delhi. Its is a square building with double dome structure..
  • Ludhiana
    Holi a festival of colours.. see the smile and happiness it gives .. forget about the outer world and share the joy if inner world.. this is something everybody is looking for... happiness and love with festival..cone to india enjoy the moment
  • Ludhiana
    Freind ship bond
    Holi a Hindu spring festival celebrated in india Pakistan nepal snd Bangladesh.Victory of good over evil. Welcoming spring and goodbye winter.. happy india and happy people.
  • Solan
    Smart artist
    I captured this picture during the famous Shoolini mela at Solan in Himachal pradesh .. The boy dressed as Lord Shiva the creator if this world... look at the attitude , his make up . Is he a good artist .Its upto you to decide.. India is full of colours like this.. Visit us ..
  • Cape Comorin
    Cape Comorin
    A last stretch of india spreading its feet in the laccadive see.Yes this is cape Comorin also known as Kanyakumari . This place is famous for sunset and sunrise . Aldo famous for Vivekanand temple and Lady of ransom church a center of indian catholicism.. beautiful Tamil nadu..
  • Kanyakumari
    The giant structure on the rockTake a polarizer dslr lensThe ultra blue waterMissed the snack shop
    The temple is on a big giant rock in the middle of Indian ocean... it highlights the teachings of guru Vivekananda ....situated in Kanyakumari , Tamilnadu
  • Our Lady of Ransom Shrine
    Our Lady of Ransom Shrine
    The serene watersVisit early morningHundreds of boats
    The church is just located on the tip opposite the Vivekananda temple and look at the location they face each other . Hundreds of local boats surround them .. at cape comorin
  • Kanyakumari
    The colour of waterTake a polorizer lensThe three waters meet
    Can you believe it .. look at the colour of water and here water from bay of bengal, indian ocean and Arabian sea meet . You can see the three colours .. at Kanyakumari , India
  • Sonamarg
    The snake trailDont go in a small carBelow baltal campThe dusty road
    This is a way to jozila pass en route to Leh . The road is. Bumpy ,dusty and very steep.. Below is base camp for Amarnath yatra .. please drive carefully and dont overtake otherwise an Adventure road...
  • Agra
    The charismaGo early morning to avoid long que.Mesmerising
    A love story cannot be bigger than this... what a giant superstructure of love. Once you enter the oremesis your eyes wide opens.. you will want to see it four hours.... its shoukd be a must visit place in yout travel itenary....... dont miss it
  • Dona Paula
    Dona Paula
    The calm sitting placeGo early morning to see dolphinsDolphins
    I bisited this place at dona paula beach , goa early morning driving a scooty from panjim. A quite nice ride and gound this place .. Behind you can spot dolphins if you are lucky. I was!!!!!
  • Colva Beach
    Colva Beach
    Serene waterLong walksGo early morningFew shacks
    Its the best clean beach in south goa.. very quit beach.. i can spend hours basking in the sun. Nearby places are varca beach, martins corner..... take long walks ..eating places are few...
  • Khatkar Kalan
    Khatkar Kalan
    The cute little houseNations pride
    The legend freedomfighter shahid bhagat singhs house near nawansaher was a tour which impressed me and the feeling of national pride. A very cute little house to visit... there is no fee to enter but respect the feeling .....
  • Mussoorie
    Divine place
    Dream house in mussorie. Isnt it??



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