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  • In the hills, and otherwise: Airbnb saves us every damn time! 😍

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  • Har ki Doon
    Har ki Doon
    Every summer I take off to the hills with my friends. The idea is simple: escape the heat at a hotel furnished with all the amenities we could possibly need. ☘️β™₯️
  • Uttarakhand
    It was my turn this year to plan the getaway, and I knew that I wanted something different. As a group of eight people, I didn't want to be scattered across multiple rooms; I also wanted to stay at a more homey and offbeat place, but without losing out on the facilities. 🌸
  • Hunza Valley
    Hunza Valley
    There was only one place where I could get exactly what I wanted and I pitched it to my friends. Airbnb. 😍β™₯️
  • India
    I have stayed at several Airbnbs (in India and abroad) in the last three years and have since realised that these local homes have character, unlike the cold, clinical feel of conventional hotels. They almost always work out to be cheaper than hotels. 🌸😍
  • McLeod Ganj
    McLeod Ganj
    I called my friends, and even though none of them had stayed at an Airbnb before, it didn't take me long to get them on board. Finally, we booked this beautiful cottage in the middle of a forest & encountered zero crowds and complete silence in the otherwise touristy Mcleodganj
  • McLeod Ganj
    McLeod Ganj
    A two day stay here with breakfast, a fireplace, toiletries and lovely linen cost us a total of β‚Ή10,500, which is β‚Ή700 a night per person. πŸ˜‡
  • McLeod Ganj
    McLeod Ganj
    We had a great three days in the hills, but my friends remembered to give me earfuls at regular intervals for not having told them about Airbnb before. So I decided to put togetherΒ a photostory of all the gorgeous cottages in and around the hills! You can thank me later. 😍β™₯
  • Landour
    This Charming Cottage as it is called, accommodates 6 people. A three bedroom house surrounded by tall trees and filled with light, sunshine and colour. 😍β™₯️
  • Ratnari
    This cottage in Ratnari district of Himachal Pradesh is known as the Apple Orchard house, accommodates 12 people. This is an eco resort in the middle of an apple orchard, With a spectacular view and the sense of calm you would get with your friends here, is beyond beautiful! 😍
  • McLeod Ganj
    McLeod Ganj
    Quaint heritage cottage owned by an English family. Pine Cottage is perched on a secluded hilltop, 4km above McLeodganj, within a protected oak, deodar, and rhododendron forest. β™₯️ The place can accommodate 5 people.
  • Darjeeling
    The Basabaari farm in Darjeeling accommodating 6 people, is spectacular! Once you reach there, you are rewarded with the natural forests, views of tea gardens, river and the valley can be breathtaking. 😍
  • WoodHouse Farm
    WoodHouse Farm
    If you are looking for a place with a view of the mountains and valleys you will love The Woodhouse Farm. It is a family friendly home with lots of open spaces . Woodhouse is located in a village called Satoli (2000 m above sea level ), surrounded by traditional village houses. β™₯



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