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  • Bagpacking in sikkim and Darjeeling!

    Jahnavi a
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  • Gombu Rock
    Gombu Rock
    Well i am basically from a exotic place and Darjeeling was a whole different place for me. Standing at that place in the cold, foggy weather where you couldn't even see the person standing at a distance of 10mts due to the fog was actually an awesome experience.
  • Himalayan Mountaineering Institute And Zoological Park
    Himalayan Mountaineering Institute And Zoological Park
    The legend himself TENZING NORGAY. He was a part of the first ever mountaineering institute of India whose foundation stone was laid by Jawaharlal Neheru. Tenzing Norgay was also buried in the same place as he considered it his home. He was called the tiger of snow.
  • Tenzing Rock
    Tenzing Rock
    Well i ought to try rock climbing. And i am never gonna regret it. I did hurt my finger though but climbing a rock named after the legendary Tenzing Norgay the first ever man to climb Everest was an honor indeed. Climbing it was easy but coming back was a bit tricky.
  • Baba Mandir
    Baba Mandir
    Sikkim in one word is MAGICAL. This was at baba mandir at almost 13000ft high. It was near the indo China border. I was wearing some 10 layers of clothes below the jacket and i was still cold. Every shiver due to the cold was more than worth it. It was just heavenly.
  • Changu Lake
    Changu Lake
    Tsomgo Lake, sikkim. Well this was almost my first snow fall but unfortunately we had to leave early because we could face road blocks due to the snow. But look how happy i am in spite of that. I was doing all sorts of crazy stuff you could possibly imagine to do in the snow.
  • East Sikkim
    East Sikkim
    This was on my way to nathula pass which is situated at the height of 13000ft and is the indo China border area. I was literally in the clouds. Hope it makes sense. But clouds were all around me. I have never had such an experience. Breathe talking and absolute wonder.
  • Tarey Bhir
    Tarey Bhir
    This is a rather less explored destination in sikkim but guys its absolutely amazing. You are at the height of above 7000ft and you could see Darjeeling on one side namchi city of sikkim in another side. In this photo i am trying to portray my version of Titanic. Haha.
  • Temi Tea Garden
    Temi Tea Garden
    Tea garden. Standing amid the scent of fresh tea leaves is a must. Why? Because, one the view is beautiful and two it smells great.
  • Temi Tea Garden
    Temi Tea Garden
    Having a cup of tea in the tea garden? Even better. Best tea ever.
  • Sikkim
    It seemed that the staple food of sikkim is momos. They are very tasty and cheap too. :)
  • Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park
    Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park
    Don't know how to pass your time? Sit back and watch the animals. This is red panda an animal only found in the himalayan region. The cutest.
  • Sikkim
    The best part of the trip was the local people. They were friendly, jolly, honest, well in short all the good adjectives. From the driver bhai who showed us around to the people who walked past us on the roads every one of them was amazing. Would have been incomplete without them



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