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  • The Timeless Wonder of Sri Lanka: GALLE!🏝🏖🌸

    Apsara Ashok
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  • Galle
    Welcome to Galle. A quaint town in Southern Sri Lanka. A UNESCO World Heritage Site. This historic city is a marvel by itself and is a delight to explore by foot. Be it the trading port, the Dutch Colonial Buildings, ancient churches and more!
  • Galle
    Wandering it's rambling lanes, you'll pass stylish cafes, quirky boutiques and resorts owned by locals and foreign artists, photographers and explorers!
  • Galle
    Located at the tip of the Sri Lankan coast, Galle experiences a tropical rainforest climate, frequented with bright sunshine and heavy rains. February to April makes for the best time to visit Galle as the rains subside, making it an ideal time to visit this beautiful town!
  • Galle Dutch Fort
    Galle Dutch Fort
    Built in 1588 by the Portuguese, Galle Fort is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and easily, the city's most important tourist destination. Surrounded by sea on three sides, the fort houses a lighthouse!
  • Galle Lighthouse
    Galle Lighthouse
    The Dutch also used the fort to run the East India Company which now results in some exciting architectural and cultural remains which are best explored by taking a long walk through the massive structure.
  • Unawatuna Beach
    Unawatuna Beach
    While Unawatuna is a paradise for beach bums and holds the distinction of being one of the most popular beaches in the country, it also is a hotspot to indulge in water sports! There are several adventure sports organisers who offer scuba diving and snorkelling experiences!
  • Pedlar Street
    Pedlar Street
    Lovers of precious jewellery and antique artefacts are in for a complete treat as Galle houses some great markets that will force you shop like there's no tomorrow! Don't forget to visit the 300-year-old Dutch Market in Galle, known for its fresh produce of fruits and vegetables!
  • Hikkaduwa Beach
    Hikkaduwa Beach
    Situated on the south coast of Sri Lanka is the fun coastal town of Hikkaduwa. Almost 20km northwest of Galle, the pristine beach, along with crystal-clear water and the range of water sports and activities available here!
  • Galle
    So that's it for this Trail! When you're at Sri Lanka, don't miss this beautiful gem! With it's Dutch architecture and quaint little streets, it is sure to enchant you!



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    Apsara Ashok
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