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  • Itinerary: 8 Day Road Trip Across Northern Italy, Monaco and France!🌏🚗

    Apsara Ashok
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  • France
    16 cities, 3 countries, in 8 days. I traveled through Northern Italy down to the coast of Monaco and France in April with my cousins' family. After 2 weeks in Italy, my uncle being a car enthusiast, was desperate to drive on European roads! This was all pre-planned of course!
  • Monaco
    This itinerary will walk you through all the cities we went to and how to make the most of time. Itineraries are not like my regular guides. In my guides, I tell you about everything you can see in a place. But in this itinerary, I will tell you everything I did in my trip!
  • Lake Como
    Lake Como
    Day 1: Como
    We rented a car in Como to kick start our trip. The city of Como is lovely and honestly, really well priced. You will see the stunning “hazy lazy” lake and can eat your fill of pasta and wine right by the water! We visited the Como cathedral and took a boat ride on the Lake!
  • Bellagio
    Day 2: Bellagio and Varenna!
    A short drive or ferry ride from Como will get you to Bellagio. It’s a resort town, but much is closed in winter. The tiny streets are so pretty that a simple walk is a must! Via Guiselle Garibaldi has tonnes of shops where you can eat local food, buy clothes, perfume and more!
  • Varenna
    Day 2: Bellagio and Varenna
    We took a ferry ride to the beautiful Varenna. Tiny cobblestone streets and ancient walkways lead up to a breathtaking view. We took a walk among the colourful houses, with gelatos in our hand, and got to Riva Grande, the lake promenade of Varenna! That night we drove to Milan.
  • Milan
    Day 3: Milan
    We arrived in Milan on a Sunday. Knowing that almost everything is closed on Monday, we went to museums and shops the first day. The shopping is really for fashionistas and you’ll see lots of high priced clothes. Window shopping is a lot of fun here and the food is great too!
  • Duomo di Milano
    Duomo di Milano
    Day 4: Milan!
    The next day we walked up the cities jewel: the Duomo. A bright white basilica in the town square. Here, you’ll get the best view of the city, and it’s great for sunset shots. After, we went for pizza and strolled the shops.
  • Monaco
    Day 5: Monaco Èze Menton and Nice!
    If you’re into the glitz and glam, you'd love Monaco! It’s a bit pricey, but it’s incredible to be in a different country that’s only 1 square mile long! We went from Milan to Monaco and then back to France easily in one day. Don’t forget to check out the Monte Carlo casino!
  • Èze
    Day 5: Monaco Èze Menton and Nice!
    But I thought the old town, Monaco with the castle and cathedral was so cool, and more my style. From there, we had a glass of wine in the medieval town of Èze and enjoyed  the view!
  • Nice
    Day 5: Monaco Èze Menton and Nice!
    That night, we drove to Nice for dinner and watched the Carnaval parade. If this sounds like a lot, it’s not! All of these cities are within about 20-30 minutes of each other. We stayed in Menton that night and they were having a lemon festival!
  • Nice
    Day 6: Nice Villefranche & Mougins!
  • Villefranche-sur-Mer
    Day 6: Nice Villefranche & Mougins!
    Villefranche-sur-Mer was easily one my favorite cities! It is one of the most charming fishing villages on the French Riviera, in the heart of Cote d'Azur! I thoroughly enjoyed myself here! We had our lunch in this beautiful city and took a walk around Old Town. I fell in love!
  • Mougins
    Day 6: Nice Villefranche & Mougins!
    We stayed in the picturesque hills of Provence for the night. Here, there are many bed and breakfast nooks, spas, and pretty views.
  • Valbonne
    D7: Gourdon Valbonne Cannes Antibes
    From Mougins we headed up to Gourdon- an ancient city perched on top of a hill. We then made a loop to drive to Valbonne. On the way, we stopped to see waterfalls on the side of the cliff! Then we had lunch in pretty, sun-drenched Valbonne!
  • Cannes
    D7: Gourdon Valbonne Cannes Antibes
    From there, we drove to Cannes and walked around: saw the film festival site and the old town. This is a sandy beach, opposed to the Nice pebble beach. All in all, I was really excited to visit Cannes, because of how big of a film buff I am!
  • Antibes
    D7 Gourdon Valbonne Cannes Antibes
    Then we made one last stop for dinner in Antibes. This city is known for it’s bouillabaisse (a dish with at least 4 different kinds of fish) and nightlife. Then headed back to our room in Mougins.
  • Basilica of Notre-Dame des Victoires
    Basilica of Notre-Dame des Victoires
    Day 8: Lyon
    Delicious food, stunning architecture, and lots to see and do. Some favorites were the Saint Jean Cathedral and the mind blowing Notre Dame basilica on top of the hill. Make the trek up (or take the tram!) for an incredible view!
  • Cannes
    Coming to the cost of the drive, for fuel, I suggest you allot €200. This is just a ballpark. It may cost less! The tolls are mad expensive in France, €90! But the rest is okay! And most importantly, parking! Monaco, Cannes and Antibes charged, but the rest are okay! Total: €350!



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    Apsara Ashok
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