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  • It's Always A Good Time In France!πŸ›©πŸΈπŸŒ‰

    Apsara Ashok
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  • France
    It’s hard not to fall in love with this indelibly beautiful country, where Paris bursts with art and Nice is trodden by fashionistas. Here, we take a look at the top French destinations every traveler should have on their bucket list!
  • Paris
    The legendary City of Love and City of Light, home of the Louvre, towering Montmartre, the Latin Quarter where Hemingway rubbed shoulders with Ginsberg, the winding Seine, Notre Dame and the iconic silhouette of the Eifel Tower, Paris is a city that surely needs no introduction!
  • Porquerolles
    Sparkling like a pearl in the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea, the island remains one of the lesser-known jewels of the Cote d’Azur. Cars cannot cross over from the mainland, meaning transport is left solely to clicking bicycles!
  • Lyon
    Full of beauty and history!
    Tagged by UNESCO and with everything from Roman amphitheatres to Renaissance palazzos, this one is definitely one of France’s must-see cities. You should begin with Vieux Lyon, the beautiful Traboules; the St Jean Cathedral, coffee shops, high-fashion boutiques along the river!
  • Strasbourg
    This richly-endowed city makes for a mix of cultures like no other in the country, booming with Gewurtztraminer and Reisling wines, Kronenbourg brews, choucroute cabbage platters and more handsome Alsatian streets than you can shake a flammekuche pizza bread at!
  • Strasbourg
    Tourists tend to flock to the impossibly pretty Petite France district, where winding cobbled lanes meet wood studded townhouses and blooming baskets of rhododendron cascade down the edges of canals.
  • Gassin
    The string of al fresco bistros and cafes that line the central drag offer up sweeping views of La Croix Valmer, the coast and the looming town ramparts – themselves a relic of when the Moors held sway in southern France!
  • Gassin
    Hailed by many as the most beautiful village in France, its labyrinth of tight-knit streets comes dressed in blooms of bougainvillea, concealing hidden staircases and archways. The homes are clad in ivy and shuttered with Mediterranean-blue windows, which make for amazing views!
  • Loire Valley
    Loire Valley
    A land of rolling vineyards and manicured wineries, Sancerre reds and Muscadet whites, it unfolds gloriously from the edges of the winding Loire River. Undulating hills and grass-come-sunflower patchwork of the backcountry is truly wonderful to behold and explore!
  • Arras
    Off-the-beaten track Arras sits midway between the port town of Calais and the bustling metropolis of Paris. The jewel in the crown is the UNESCO-attested Gothic belfry in the centre of the city, which rises high above the cobbled squares and Flemish apses of the townhouses!
  • Chamonix
    Set deep in the French Alps, where the chiselled tops and ice-capped summits of mighty Mont Blanc peaks to a formidable 4,800 meters above sea level, Chamonix remains an icon for Alpinists, skiers, boarders and adventure travelers the world over!
  • Corsica
    Rugged and unspoilt, this is a land beset by mountains and cliffs, rolling from ivory-white pebble beaches to the precipitous inland hills. Olive groves fill the backcountry, curious Latin-esque folk music issues from the tavernas, Tuscan citadels rise formidably in Bonifacio.
  • Lille
    Sprawled out just on the cusp of the Low Countries and the Flemish half of Belgium, Lille fuses several of the cultural strands of northern Europe in one seriously engaging and energetic metropolis!
  • Carcassonne
    Looking plucked straight from the pages of Game of Thrones, this remains unquestionably one of the most magnificent and astounding medieval citadels in all of Europe. Known as the La Cite, this is awash with medievalist craft shops and countless stone-clad alleyways and streets.Β 
  • Nice
    Enfolded by the summertime beaches of the French Rivera, Nice is much more than just its rows of Ferraris, Porsches and bobbing millionaire yachts make it out to be. Vieux Nice is charming to boot, with its medieval homes, while Cimiez means ancient ruins and Roman relics.
  • Carcassonne
    And there you have it! Best places to see in France! For more, you can check my trail on the road trip I went on with my cousins from Como in Northern Italy to the French Rivera!


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