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  • Travel back in time in Dresden

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  • Dresden
    Spring is the best time to visit
    Last spring, I made a solo trip across Europe and landed in Germany. Of all the places I visited in Europe in the past and on this trip, my favourite was the World War II land of Dresden in Germany. Its on the banks of River Elbe and is a beautiful city in all its rustic ways!
  • Dresden
    Exploring the small pathways
    Dresden is gorgeous during Spring. The entire city is filled with art museums and classic architecture. Most of the history was destroyed in World War II, but Dresden reconstructed itself exquisitely. I was here for two days and that's enough time to see the major sites here!
  • Dresden
    The history behind every building
    I landed in the afternoon in Dresden and didn't take long to start wandering through the streets. Germany is known for its organisational skills and everything I saw reflected exactly that! Dresden is a quiet city and you can see everyone going about their day in full speed!
  • Frauenkirche Dresden
    Frauenkirche Dresden
    The view from the top of the dome
    The first site I visited was the Frauenkirche Dresden or Church of Our Lady. The beautiful part of the church is the magnificent dome! It's the largest dome in all of Europe. The church was in ruins after the War, but the Germans rebuilt the church at the end of the War.
  • Café Schinkelwache
    Café Schinkelwache
    Pair with a cup of coffee or drink
    After visiting the church, I heard my stomach grumbling and realised I hadn't eaten in a while! I made my way down to Cafe Schinkelwache which I heard serves the best Dresden Eirschecke! It's basically a cake with apple and poppy seeds and was absolutely delicious!
  • Semper Opera
    Semper Opera
    The ancient vibe to it
    After my tummy was happy, I headed to the famous Semper Opera. I didn't get a chance to watch a performance but just the outside was breath-taking! It went through so much - destroyed in 1869 & bombed in 1945, it was finally rebuilt after a flood in 2002! Dont miss this beauty!
  • Zwinger
    The view from the roofWalk with a cup of coffee!
    After a good night's rest, I headed to the Zwinger Palace in the morning. It currently has museums and galleries inside it which took quite a while to go walk through - it still wasn't enough time! Its one of the most famous sites in Dresden after the Church and a must-see!
  • Dresden
    Everything about Dresden
    When in Germany, never miss eating a traditional Pretzel. Its basically a baked bread that's twisted into a knot! After Zwinger Palace, I wandered around the city one last time with a Pretzel and took in the beauty of the city that had strength to rebuild after every struggle!



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