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  • Staying fit 🧘while traveling. excercise? Nahh! too boring for a traveler 😊

    Anju Ramola
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  • Denmark
    Traveling and fitness never go hand in hand, specially when you are a foodie like me. With all the high fat local cuisines and a will to try them all, Flat stomach never has a chance with dripping cheese.
  • Paris
    You might feel why would people care about calories when they are on vacation and they should enjoy!! Well, a frequent backpacker like me needs to take care of what and how we eat because our food and food cycle changes continuously when we travel and its too many days to ignore.
  • Český Krumlov
    Český Krumlov
    Unless we are not Trekking or hiking, we generally end up eating a lot of unhealthy food,get no excercise and gain weight.Here are few things I do to eat everything I love and still lose some weight at the end of it and be left with more money in my pocket than I otherwise would
  • Budapest
    With things that look like this, I would never suggest skipping them. All you need to do is to try to burn those calories in ways you would not even feel you were working out.
  • Gothenburg
    Try not to take cabs or any kind of transport whenever possible. When you are in a capital city most of the things are at walking distance and you could easily skip taking any transport and walk around the city. This not only keeps you fit but also saves a lot of money.
  • Poland
    Always take the walking tours around the city instead of the hop on hop off buses. Every city has free walking tours around the city which should be the first thing one should do. Not only the 2-3 hours walking burn calories it also helps plan rest of the days in the city.
  • Germany
    Hire cycle and travel around. A great way to explore the city like a local and reach places that you can't walk to. Cycle rentals are always very inexpensive and in most of the countries in Europ cycling is a beautiful experience.It lets you see most of the city and costs nothing
  • Sopot
    Whenever I travel I never keep a count of my calories and try out all local cuisines without a second thought, having said that I sometimes walk a few kms just to get to a restuarant that has the highest rating and serves authentic local food. Eat walk repeat!!
  • Poland
    If you are backpacking for somedays and plan to stay in hostels,most of them have a fully equipped kitchen and you can easily go and buy food at the nearest grocery store and cook a healthy meal instead of hogging on that extra cheese pizza from dominos.cook & makes friends too.
  • Salzburg
    I end up talking to locals most of the time while walking on the streets asking directions or things to do and many locals offered to show me around, became friends and also stayed for a couple of beers. What better could you ask for?
  • Budapest
    Take a walk by the river in the evening and enjoy and hot coffee somewhere watching the sunset. If you are a morning person unlike me, going for a walk watching sun rise would be the best thing possible!!
  • Austria
    Couple of beers taste great after you walk to most of your destinations because you know there is no way you are going to get a beer belly after all those miles you walked. Not just that walking costs nothing and you can buy a few extra drinks for you or the hotti next to you!😁
  • Sweden
    If you staying for 2 or more days in a city, take the public transport for one or 2 days so that you xouls see places more than 5km away from where you stay. You can walk on foot the other days..Thank me later 😎
  • Gdynia
    If you succeed to use the transport as less as possible, you end up walking as much as 25km per day sometimes and you will never have to think about calories before digging into those loaded sugar deserts too & you also see a lot more of the city than just few museums and castles
  • Vienna
    To end the trail all I have to say is never miss the best cafes and local foods of the city, this is one of the best thing about traveling and you can never know a city or county without trying out their authentic food. Leave the keeping fit part to the walking you do.. stay fit!



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    Anju Ramola
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