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  • 14 Visa-Free Countries For You Indian Wanderlusts! ✈️

    Apsara Ashok
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  • Bhutan
    ₹1 = 1 BTNEma Datsi cuisine is a must try!
    BHUTAN. Known as the happiest country on this planet, Bhutan is known for its greenery, monasteries, smilie people and the Grand Dzongs. The most famous Paro Taktsang or Tiger's Nest is a 4miles trek which is a must do when you're here!
  • Natadola Harbour
    Natadola Harbour
    ₹32 = 1 FJD
    FIJI. I know we can't cover all 333 islands of Fiji maybe in this lifetime, but a must visit would be Denarau Islands for snorkelling and scuba divings. For all you nature lovers, Kula Eco Park is a definite visit!
  • Flic En Flac Beach
    Flic En Flac Beach
    ₹1 = 2 Mauritian RupeeMust visit: Tamarin Beach
    MAURITIUS. A volcanic paradise! Visit the Chamarel falls for the stunningly vibrant volcanic surface. You can also explore the beaches, lagoons and reefs while you're there!
  • Discovery Bay
    Discovery Bay
    ₹10 = 1.21 HKD
    HONG KONG. Yes! HK requires no Visa, but you must fill a simple online form before your visit. Disneyland is a must visit! Ladies market and Temple Street market are where you can shop to your heart's content!
  • Everest Base Camp
    Everest Base Camp
    ₹100 = 160 Nepalese Rupee
    NEPAL. With the Himalayas in the background of all your photos, our friendly neighbour Nepal must be visited at least once in your life! The Pashupathinath temple is a famous religious site and Boudhanath is a UNESCO world heritage site!
  • Aitutaki
    ₹100 = 2 NZD
    COOK ISLANDS. A cluster of 15 islands in the South Pacific sounds ideal for those of us who enjoy the water, right? Cook Islands is just that! For the best beach experience, head to Aitutaki Lagoon or the One Foot Island! For yummy food, Muri Night Market!
  • Pigeon Point Heritage Park
    Pigeon Point Heritage Park
    ₹100 = T&T $10
    TRINIDAD & TOBAGO. Being the quintessential Caribbean Island, T&T are islands of untouched beauty and serenity! Must visits are Maracas, Las Cuevas ad Tyrico beaches, La Brea lake and Roxborough reserve!
  • Morne Trois Pitons
    Morne Trois Pitons
    ₹24 = $1 East Car.
    DOMINICA. Another Caribbean gem would be Dominica! The rugged volcanic mountains make amazing treks that really test your strength! The Boiling lake is an 18km trek! Other destinations would be Toucari Bay, Champagne for water, Waitukubuli, Glassy and Jaco Steps for hikes!
  • Saint Kitts
    Saint Kitts
    ₹24 = $1 East Car.
    ST. KITTS & NEVIS. Due to the British, this tiny island has beautiful Anglo-Saxton architechture! Housing the rarest species of tropical birds, a nature lover will not be disappointed! Attractions here would be Brimstone Hill fortress, Basseterre, Mount Liamuiga and Timothy Hill!
  • Ecuador
    ₹65 = $1 USGreat food! Amazing people!
    ECUADOR. Being literally at the centre of our world, Ecuador is home to thousands of specials of flora and fauna. The Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve is the best place to witness the wonders of the Amazon Rainforest! The beaches are also a treat! Salinas, Manta, Crucita to name a few!
  • Macau
    ₹8 = 1 Macanese PatacaMINI VEGAS!
    MACAU! You heard it right, my friends! You can have the Vegas experience closer to home and also spending much less! Macau is easily the Vegas of Asia! There are plenty of Casinos to gamble away, Taipa to cycle, Bungee jump at Macau Tower and yummy street food to binge on!
  • Saint George
    Saint George
    ₹24 = $1 East Car.
    GRENADA. Another Caribbean jewel in our list! Like any other Caribbean island, Grenada is an amazing place to try any and all water sports! Grand Anse beach, Tyrell Bay and Sandy Island are two main attractions. The Seven Sisters Waterfall is a must visit!
  • El Tablon
    El Tablon
    ₹65 = $1 US
    EL SALVADOR. This country has the most wonderful countryside! Scattered with mountains and volcanoes both covered in dense vegetation, secluded beaches and forests, this is THE place for a solo trip! Must visit: Playa el Esteron beach, Chaparrastique, which is an active volcano!
  • Discovery Bay
    Discovery Bay
    ₹1 = $2 Jamaica
    JAMAICA. Be it flora, fauna or beaches, Jamaica's got it all! Must visits are: Black River, Blue Mountain, Discovery Bay, Cave and Nassau valley! You can also enjoy yummy and spicy Jamaican food which is a mix of Caribbean and local dishes!



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