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  • Holi in Mathura : Rango ki Raasleela

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  • Barsana
    Colors. Celebration. People. Consider your camera a baby.Travel in a group. :)This was clicked by Steve McCurry.
    With Holi around the corner,I was reminiscing about my last year's Holi.It was a abrupt plan that was made right after maggi. My friends are kind of weird as well. We decided to go to Mathura, the land of Krishna & try to make the most out of the trip! It was the best holi ever.
  • Nandgaon Rural
    Nandgaon Rural
    During the laathmaar in Nandgaon, I came across these warriors, ready to blast anyone coming on their path. If only this power was given to all of the women,during the other 364 days.Wouldn't that be the real victory of our culture? Just saying.
  • Barsana
    Venue:Streets of Barsana n Nandgaon
    The first two days of week long celebrations had taken place in Barsana & Nandgaon.I did have a glimpse of this in the movie "Toilet" but it was a whole different thing to see it happening! The boys come over from the other village & playfully tease girls.(The Krishna Style😎)
  • Barsana
    LaathMaar Holi in Barsana & Nangaon
    Right after that, I saw the women of the village beating the hell out of the men. Just the way Radha & Gopiyas used to. I couldn't help but wonder if they were having a payback time with their respective husbands? Well, I'd take that over daily arguments. Come here. :D
  • Banke Bihari Temple
    Banke Bihari Temple
    The Gates open around 4pm. It is a short 20 minutes affair. Phoolon waalo Holi :)
    Thankfully,I had made a list of all the events that I could catch up with and trust me when I say,it wasn't a tad bit easy.There was just so many things to do! The gates to this temple opened around 4pm and then there it was! Flowers were erupting all over the place. Beautiful.
  • Shri Krishna Janmasthan Temple
    Shri Krishna Janmasthan Temple
    This was the place where Krishna was born to Devaki Maa & Nand Baba. This happened on the same day as Phoolon waali Holi. I'm not a person that likes crowded place much but I get rejoiced to see culture, even if it means that I'd have to be in the crowd itself. :)
  • Gopinath Temple
    Gopinath Temple
    Happens around noon. The day following Phoolon wali Holi
    I never really liked some of the "rules" of the Indian society & I'm sure that most of the people from my generation feel so. It was heartbreakingly beautiful to see the widows go deep into their devotion for Lord Krishna & tune themselves in the music of Holi.
  • Banke Bihari Temple
    Banke Bihari Temple
    PROTECT YOUR CAMERAS. Travel in a group.
    I had never seen so many cameras capturing the same scene in my entire life & I had also never seen people deliberately throwing color onto the cameras. A little kid had done that to me, when I was about to click his photo. Hey! He had even posed for me. Cunning little fellow.
  • Banke Bihari Temple
    Banke Bihari Temple
    The Gates open between 9am & 1:30pmFestivities continue in the premise
    Once I reached the festivities in the temple's battle..err..holifield, I realized how Holi was probably the most photogenic festival in the world. It sure is a Photographer's paradise.
  • Vishram Ghat
    Vishram Ghat
    Holi procession starts at 3pm!
    This is THE place where Holi becomes a wedding between mythology & celebration.The Holi procession,filled with people & bollywood & bhojpuri songs(spiritual..ha)goes on till the Holi Gate,where Holika Dahans take place. & the boy beside Krishna,thanks for treating my camera well.
  • Holi Gate
    Holi Gate
    From 2pm to 6pm Holi gatehere the procession ends.
    I vividly remembered how my grandmother used to tell me about Holika and Prahlad, how the latter was unhurt in the fire while Holika was burnt alive and how the entire story rightfully described the victory of good over evil.Some things do stay with us forever.T'was beautiful.
  • Shri Krishna Janmasthan Temple
    Shri Krishna Janmasthan Temple
    Radha Krishna Leela.
    I had never seen a Radha-Krishna leela or any other leela for that matter.I was surpised to know how these were a common sight all over Mathura & the commencement of Holi added a cherry on top. The entire enactment of Holi, from the bygone era did leave me asking for more.
  • Dauji mandir
    Dauji mandir
    Reach by 9am for good seats!Starts from 12:30 to 4pm.
    Huranga is that event where the Holi festivities reach their threshold. It was all about water that day. My friends and I had grabbed our positions on the rooftop & would've jumped off, had anything happened to cameras. Just kidding. :3 One doesn't have to play Holi to enjoy it.
  • Radha Raman Temple
    Radha Raman Temple
    Happens simultaneously with Banke.
    By the end of the trip, I had come to realize how being devotional had nothing to do with feeling devotional. I must add that I am not that devotional yet I was drawn to this place. It was way more peaceful than Banke Bihari. I had the perfect Holi Darshan after all the hoohah.
  • Mathura
    Go to Vishram Ghats. :D
    Somehow or the other, I did manage to wake up early in the morning and walk upto the Ghats, only to get the glimpse of Priests making Bhaang. Now, everyone has their guilty-pleasure. This was mine. What's a holi without realizing it isn't holi anymore? Bhaang-ed my way through!
  • Yamuna Ghat Gali
    Yamuna Ghat Gali
    I love Ghats. I love how people worship the rivers and gather to celebrate the Almighty. I love how the priests do the aarti, with thousands behind them. I love how quiet it gets when everything is over. The tranquility did spark a devotion within me,which I didn't know I had.
  • Mathura
    Mathura:Mythological Tales,Millenial old history & celebrating the triumph of good over evil. I wish I could say that Girls can travel alone but it isn't the case..yet.Remember,people there will playfully splash colors at you but noone has the right to touch you without approval.



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    Anisha Mohanty
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