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  • AlaskaMotoGirl - how a breakup turned into a blessing in disguise! 🏍️

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  • Alaska
    MEET Nikki Misurelli, who sold all her belongings, slept in a tunnel in Italy, motorbiked over 28,000km around the world breaking all the stereotypes. A disagreement with her partner led to this epiphany, making her realise her love for road trips, motorbikes and the world! (:
  • Alaska
    An argument with her boyfriend ended up changing her life, forever! In 2017, Nikki sold all her belongings and set out on her Honda CBR600RR breaking all the stereotypes and living the kind of life most of us only wish for. And ever since, there has been no looking back. ❀️
  • Morocco
    She loves riding alone, as it gives her the freedom to be spontaneous. She also has immense faith in the goodness of people, which keeps her confident and fearless no matter which corner of the world she's in. This pic is from a random detour off-roading somewhere in Morocco! 😊
  • Alaska
    She is rarely nervous. She believes that bad things can happen anywhere in the world, and that there are more good people than bad. It's the faith and the will that's within her, makes it easier for her to keep going on! ☺️
  • Rota
    This one's from a magnificent motorcycle event in Rota, Spain! Los Camaleones.
  • Las Vegas
    Las Vegas
    Nikki says that a lot of people assume that she's rich. She works in between trips, saves most of the money she earns. That helps her in having a tighter budget. This pic is from Las Vegas, just another workday in between the trips she makes. (: More power to you, girl!
  • Costa Rica
    Costa Rica
    A farm somewhere in Costa Rica she's worked in over one summer between her travels to keep her savings intact! Milking cows in a sunny day dire looks fun, doesn't it? ❀️
  • Austria
    When asked how she manages to clean during her travels, Nikki says that, to her, hygiene and variety comes in different forms. And tadaaaaa, this gigantic watering mobsters truck! 😎 This was at an off-roading event in Erzberg Austria, Europe.
  • Morocco
    There are times she she runs out of gas and oh boy, is that a pickle now! Thankfully, she carries two emergency cans of fuel with her. Here in the southeast deserts of Morocco, she'd used both of them that barely got her to the next gas station. Phew!
  • Vegas
    Everybody craves for some human interaction, once in a while. Even Nikki. She's made friends from all over the world and it's taught her more about herself, other people and their cultures. This one's in Vegas on dirt rail roads with some friends she'd made on her travels. 😊
  • France
    When on the road, she stops by to relax by the coast or enjoy a sunrise a country has to offer. Life and traveling aren't always easy, but she's discovered that it makes her mentally and physically stronger. She leaves her route open to spontaneity and opportunities.
  • Alaska
    Nikki hopes to see the world being treaded by more women adventurers and explorers. She says, "I want women around the world to get out there and get traveling. If you want something enough, you can make it work my hats how I feel about travel." ❀️



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