Some of us know of the ridiculous superstitions that exist today. If a black cat walks across in front of you, it’s considered unlucky. Some even believe that walking under ladders is bad luck – who would’ve thought?

No matter how rational people are, there’s always that one superstition they follow religiously. The countries of the world are all filled with their own unbelievable superstitions too, but today, we’re putting together a list of 13 travel superstitions that is believed around the globe.

Don’t travel on a Friday

It is believed that travelling on a Friday can bring bad luck to your travels. This belief stems from the fact that Christ was crucified on a Friday. What do these superstitions think – we’re going to let our weekend go to waste?!

Sit on your Bag before Traveling

In Russia, it is believed that a traveller should rest before travelling. Some people even sit on their suitcase just before travelling because it brings good luck during their travels.

Minute of Silence

Ukraine does something similar to what Russia does. They also believe in having a calm atmosphere before they travel. To implement this, they make sure that everyone in the house must give a moment of silence before the traveller leaves the house.

Where’s your Hotel Bed pointing?

In China and Japan, they lay their dead in such a way that their bodies face the North. They consider that North is where the soul travels after a person’s death. Keeping this in mind, hotels in the countries make sure their beds face either South, East or West.

Hotel Elevators

Since most countries believe that 13 is an unlucky number, some hotels don’t have the 13th floor. They skip from the 12th straight to the 14th. This is because the number 13 is considered as odd since the number 12 is some perfect number – 12 months a year, 12 hours on a clock and even 12 zodiac signs.

Don’t Look Back

Once a traveller embarks on a journey, they are not to look back at their home since doing so brings bad luck on their travels. Moreover, it’s also unlucky if you happen to head back home in case you forgot something – it’s safer to just replace at your final destination (see what we did there?)

Airport Safety

Travellers have weird superstitions before taking off or after they land. The most annoying thing is when people clap when the plane lands – it’s supposed to land, guys. An airport in Texas actually planted a cedar tree on top of the control tower after the construction of the airport because it is believed that cedar trees bring luck to new buildings.

Shhh! It’s a secret

We all know that once some of travel plans are finalized, we tend to let everyone know where we’re going. In Senegal, people don’t boast about their travel plans in fear that evil spirits will listen to this and destroy their journey.

Garlic with your Clothes

Bosnia believes in adding a new fragrance to your clothes when you travel – the smell of garlic! They usually place a garlic clove in their suitcase to ensure smooth crossing of borders while travelling.

Housekeeping will not disturb

Don’t let anyone clean your house when you leave for a vacation. In Bulgaria, the housekeeping tends to wait for a while after a customer checks out of the hotel to clean their room. They believe that doing so will ensure a safe return back home.

Water ensures Smooth Travel

Imagine someone carrying their luggage and ready to travel – with water spilling out behind them intentionally. You’d think – what kind of a travel hack is this? In Serbia, people believe that spilling water behind you is making sure that their travels are filled with good fortune and safety.

Ritual in Norway

The phrase ‘
Tvi Tvi’ is used in Norway to curse someone. People who are travelling usually say the phrase before they begin their journey because they believe that a person who is cursed will not be chased by evil spirits!

Goat Sacrifice

This is probably the most extreme superstition we’ve heard! In Nepal, there were two goats that were sacrificed to fix a malfunctioning aircraft. Talk about underestimating your mechanical engineers that actually have the experience and education for this!

Well, now you know what not to do while traveling and some superstitious travel hacks that could bring you some good luck too! Our only superstition – that we don’t travel enough! But our Trell Community keeps us updated on all their personal travel stories that encourages us to travel too!


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