1Yadagiri Gutta

Yadagiri Gutta is a prominent journey town in Nalgonda region in the province of Telangana arranged near Warangal thruway. It is well known for Yadagirigutta Temple, residence Narasimha Swamy, a manifestation of Lord Vishnu. This buckle sanctuary is arranged at an elevation of 300 feet on an extensive hillock. Yadagirigutta was before known as Vedagiri in light of the fact that it is trusted that Lord Vishnu kept every one of the Vedas at this sacrosanct place. This is one of the best visitor spots to visit close Hyderabad and furthermore one of the well known one day trip from Hyderabad. The official name of this place was as of late changed to Yadadri by Telangana government. It is a popular tourist places near hyderabad within a 100 km radius.

2Sri Rama Chandra Temple

The Rama sanctuary was worked by Vengi lords in thirteenth century yet the symbol was 1000 years of age. The sanctuary is enhanced with a vast seven-story tower which is very well known among Telugu film fans. There is a substantial picture of Lord Vishnu is resting stance over the portal of the pinnacle. The pinnacle is trailed by the fundamental sanctuary with a substantial hall around the sanctuary. The Idols of Rama, Sita and Laxmana and its Makara Thoranam are delightfully shaped from single dark shake. Anjaneya, normally going with Lord Rama, isn’t found in the garbhagriha. Rather, Anjaneya Swamy icon is put close to the Dwaja Sthambam confronting Sri Rama.

3Ananthagiri Hills

Ananthagiri Hills are situated at Vikarabad of Ranga Reddy locale in Telangana. It is being produced as a little slope station and it’s likewise well known goal for multi day trip because of its closeness to Hyderabad. Anantagiri is one of the best Tourist puts in Telangana and furthermore one of the well known vacationer spots to visit in Hyderabad.The Ananthagiri woods is one of the thick timberland zones in Ranga Reddy District. The slopes are the principle water hotspot for Osmansagar (Gandipet) and Himayathsagar which give drinking water to Hyderabad. Ananthagiri Hill is the origin of Musi waterway, which moves through Hyderabad.

4Medak Fort

This is a critical recorded site around Hyderabad. The post was worked in the twelfth century amid the rule of the Kakatiyan ruler, Pratapa Rudra. The stronghold was initially known as Methuku durgam, which indicates cooked rice. The stronghold was the order post for the leaders of Kakatiyas and furthermore for the Qutub Shahis who administered the region. It is a colossal structure situated on the highest point of a slope. One needs to climb in excess of 500 stages to achieve the highest point of the fortification, which involves 100 sections of land on the sloping region.



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