What does it actually mean to be hippie?

Last week, I was invited for a bloggers’ meet to Hungry Hippie to try out their brand new menu and the experience was a heartful delight! This art space turned restaurant called
Hungry Hippie in Koramangala answered that very question for me.

Situated next to the Empire hotel and overshadowed by its crowd, I was a little skeptical at first. I was wondering if I had entered the right place but it all changed when I climbed up to the rooftop. A stunning spread of space, alluring graffiti, and lively music welcomed me as soon as I got out of the elevator. It was a heartfelt amalgamation of art and food which had turned it into a place where you could just come and chill with your friends on a Sunday afternoon. Given the perfect weather of Bangalore, who wouldn’t enjoy a hot chocolate or a Sheesha up on the terrace?!

I, along with my seven fellow bloggers took our place at the assigned table. Pallavi, who had invited us gave us a few details about how the place had come to be; how it was made to be a creative hub for young artists and how they later turned all into a place where you could just sit back and relax with Sheesha and some delicious food!

We were greeted with Sheesha to start off with which led my fellow bloggers and me to a great bonding session. FYI – We all met each other for the very first time. Our first Sheesha was Manali with Ice base. The soothing flavour and a minty sweet aftertaste brought us closer to each other in no time!

As we were getting acquainted, our first set of ‘shakes’ were served, which included an Apple Pie, Mint Chocolate Chip, Blueberry Brainfreezer and a Tiramisu. Given the aesthetic presentation of our served milkshakes, it was tough not to click a few Instagram-worthy pictures of them. Before we knew it, we were gulping it down!My Apple Pie shake stole everyone’s heart! It was the star of the table. It had just the right amount of sweet churned into a thick and smooth shake of apple and milk. It had whipped cream and delicately placed sliced apples to enhance the look of it. On the other
hand, Tiramisu was a little too sweet for our liking and Mint chocolate chip shake was a bit too heavy to be had before the food. However, the aftertaste of mildly sweetened chocolate chips was a delight! Blueberry Brainfreeze shake was a must try if you’re a berry fan (but be warned, IT IS BRAIN-FREEZING!)

Moving on to the starters, we were served Veg Croque Monsieur and Veg Kamikaze Fries. The place treated Vegetarians and Non-Vegetarians equally, judging by the quantity we were served. Croque Monsieur was a delight to the mouth. If you aren’t a mushroom
fan then trust me, it will make you forget it all with the softness of creamy mushrooms that is stuffed inside the bread. Further on, who wouldn’t love fries in literally anything? And that’s what the Veg Kamikaze fries with the goodness of cheese, veggies and a subtle-added taste of Kamikaze vodka infused with it, was all about.

Following this, we were surprised with two more sheeshas which had come our way. While one was Kodai, the other was named Vattakanal (with milk base). The flavours were all home-made and Vattakanal did wonders with our heads getting us to feel light in no time.

Next up were Chicken Cheese rolls and Veg Croquettes. A tiny bite out of the both got a trail of cheese hanging from our mouths! While the outsides were crispy, the insides were just the perfect amount of cheese to taste the rest of the filling.

Moreover, we were also served with two different pizzas, Chicken Tandoori and Veg Loaded Nachos. The pizzas had lost the warmth by the time everybody was done taking their fair share of pictures. Although, that didn’t change our mind to indulge in it!

Just as we began to think whether our tummies could take any more, we were served with the main course and boy, did they smell amazing! Just one look at them got my appetite soaring again. We were served with Grilled chicken in Mushroom Sauce, Stuffed Capsicum and Tomato and Veg Moussaka. Although the chicken was creamy and melted in my mouth, it was the Veg Moussaka that stole the thunder.

When we thought this was our final dish, we were surprised with another main course – Panko Crusted Basa Fish with Citrus sauce. This was definitely the highlight of the day! The softness of the fish with the tangy sweetness of citrus sauce did wonders in my mouth.

Nevertheless, no meal is complete without a little sweetness in the end. It was dessert time and we had some extra tummy space for it! We were served with a plate of brownies with Vanilla Ice Cream and Chocolate mousse. While the brownies weren’t that impressive, it
was the Chocolate Mousse that had infused all the magic.

A spoonful of chocolate mousse just rolled down my tongue elegantly! Given a chance, I would sit there and savor it for hours together!

With a satisfied stomach but a heavy heart we knew we were done for the day. I did get a chance to meet some amazingly talented people out there and as it is said, people, you share a plate with are remembered for much longer!

So what does it mean to be hippie?
Just let yourself go; to be young, wild and free!

Have you checked out Hungry Hippie yet?
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