So, are you new to Bengaluru, and clueless about what and where to go to?
Or, are you one of those, tired of pub-crawling, and mall-hopping, and looking for an escape from the monotonous life?

Yes? No? Maybe? Don’t care? 😛

Either way, Bengaluru – Silicon Valley of India, The IT Hub, dreamy weather, ‘Hip’ clubbing, and last but not the least, the notorious traffic! That is how most people ‘define’ Bengaluru when they first hear anyone say Karnataka!

But what would you say, if I tell and show you that Bengaluru isn’t just the Silicon Valley of India and that there is a lot more to it than meets the eye?
For those who like to wander a little more, away from ‘just’ Bengaluru, there are alluring hills that you can trek to, and captivating waterfalls that would drown all your worries away.

There are plenty of “Hot Travel Destination” lists circulating, and Karnataka is our top destination of the month!

With you, I would like to share some snippets of what we have loved the most from our explorers, who are going rugged, discovering the nooks and corners that go unnoticed in this clichéd notion one has about Karnataka.

We have one of the most frequent explorers on Trell, Atreya Mathur, who’s been up and about on her toes, hitting the quirky hostels.

One of them is ‘“Electric Cats B&B”, a homely hostel for all the ‘tight-on-the-budget’ backpackers situated in the posh area of Indiranagar, Bengaluru. A crib that hosts tons of community dinners and social events, exposing everyone to a diverse pool of people.

Second up, Atreya goes to one of the poshest malls, “UB City”, in Lavelle Road, where it houses all the luxury brands, from Louis Vuitton to Diesel, Swarovski to L’occitane, Rolex to Burberry, etcetera!

Being one of Bengaluru’s biggest luxuries commercial property, luxury here, is not just a state of mind. Even when the shopping comes with a bum-burning price, one can always chill out at one of the many cafés and pubs, here.

Now, how can Ashvini Gattargi’s fun stay behind, eh?

A child at heart, Ashvini is a girl who makes sure to utilize her weekends doing something super-fun, either delving into fun activities like bowling, air rifle shooting, go-karting, at “PLaY Arena” near Sarjapur Road.

Or, at a Doggo café where she can unwind herself. One of the dog cafés in the city that tops the list is, Therpup – A Dog’s Cafe in Whitefield.


Having lived here for over 4 years, she’s discovered some uber-cool places, which help keep her sanity intact, she says, away from the hustle-bustle of the city. She delves into some serious soul-searching at “Kumara Parvatha”, which is 250 kms from Bengaluru. A trek there is a perfect way to de-stress oneself amidst nature.


These are some places that Ashvini highly vouches for.

An admirer of all things old, gold, folklore and some serenity, Vedika Kaushal is left awestruck as she checked herself into this 19th-century old villa, which is now renovated into a hotel.


Nestled in Malleshwaram, Neemrana’s Villa Pottipati is one of the ancient hotels that offer you the 19th-century luxury, a grand hospitality, and a life of quiet and peace. A break from civilization is what Vedika took by spending some time-traveling right here.

She then climbs her way to Asia’s largest monolith. Savandurga, which is just 60 km away from Bengaluru is a Must-see when in Karnataka.

Situated at 4220ft above the sea level, it is not an easy hiking trail. But once you’re up there, there is no looking back. It is a haven for the photography enthusiasts, and trekkers.

In another parallel world of exploring, we found Sakshi Tripathi traveling 125 kms from Bengaluru through the Lepakshi Temple Road to “Shri Veerabhadra Swami Temple.”


A temple, which was built in 1583 AD, Sakshi says, is an epitome of ancient architecture and mural paintings, housing 70 stone pillars.

One moment, Sakshi’s found admiring the aesthetic and rustic temples, while the next moment, she is parasailing at “Jakkur Aerodrome” consuming in the panoramic view of the purple haze sky.

What say, time to unleash the adrenaline junkie in you?

So, all you beautiful people out there, these are few of the mentionable places in and around Bengaluru that our explorers have covered, and are still on the quest of finding something more (thanks to their undying passion!). So, the next time when you hear somebody say or ask about Bengaluru, I hope you would have a bucket full of new places to talk about!

Not JUST the silicon valley of India now, is it?

To see more such stories and personal experiences from the our community download Trell! (:

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