I’m a proud Piscean, with daydreamer-like imagination and an unfortunately overdeveloped emotional side that can rival any Titanic fan. But one thing that definitely stands out and resonates with most of us, is our near-unanimous unending love for water and/or the ocean. I love the beach and am a pretty avid swimmer too. So, when I need to find places to satisfy my regular fix of Poseidon’s backyard to entertain your sea-admiring side, I turned to Trell and found a trail compiled by Sanjay Sreenivas titled Vibrance of the depth: 7 Places you should visit Under the Sea!, which had some pretty great ideas for spots to hit up. So let’s go a little deeper into these waters, shall we? (Geddit? Geddit? Sorry not sorry).

Dubai Aquarium And Underwater Zoo

Picture Credits: http://www.thedubaiaquarium.com/en/Default.aspx

In addition to being the home of the largest collection of sand tiger sharks in the world, it plays host to thousands of species of fish as well as sharks and rays. Snorkeling for kids, a chance to learn and meet the nocturnal animals of UAE, a Shark Week exhibit in collaboration with Discovery channel, an underwater tunnel and their latest installation of a VR-ZOO exhibit, this interactive ocean playground is sure to keep you excited at every turn.

Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Picture Credits: https://www.noblehousetours.com/havelock-island-india/

If you’re seeking an adventure filled with the sound of the crashing waves, gorgeous mountains, an extensive and beautiful coral reef and a booming marine ecosystem, then an island is the perfect place to find yourself. Andaman and Nicobar islands, in particular, have a lot to offer in terms of sea exploration. Some places to visit are: Barren Islands (for the volcanic activity and scuba diving), Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park (coral reefs and sea turtles), Viper Island, Radhanagar Beach (snorkeling) and Bharatpur Beach on Neil Island (for a more low-key beach experience and water sports). Port Blair is another great place to visit and offers various Scuba Diving and Surfing classes.

MUSA Cancun Underwater Museum

Picture Credits: http://musamexico.org/es/

Located in the Cancun National Marine Park, this underwater art exhibit is stunning, eye-opening and has very noble and respectable intentions behind it. The intentions being, to take crowds of divers away from the slowly deteriorating and endangered coral reefs, thereby protecting them, and to provide tourists with an alternative diving destination. This unique and unreal art gallery is a one-of-a-kind experience you really shouldn’t miss!

Underwater Post Office

Picture Credit: https://www.instagram.com/p/BE8KMqENBqy/?utm_source=ig_embed

It’s not on most people’s checklists when they visit Australia, but it’s definitely one for the books. If you find yourself on the island of Vanuatu (east of northern Australia), then you have the rare opportunity to visit the world’s first underwater post office. And yes… it’s a fully functioning one. Tourists send postcards to their friends and family, literally from underwater using provided waterproof material and stamps that retain when submerged. Many cruises to this island are available, so if you have a keen interest to explore the not-so-commonly-explored, then this place should humor you just enough.

Conrad Maldives Rangali Island

Picture Credits: http://www.conradmaldives.com/

Everyone from celebrities to businessmen/women have stayed at this gorgeous luxury 5-star hotel because it’s absolutely breathtaking underwater elements and incorporations (underwater tunnel restaurant, underwater rooms and suites, etc.) as well it’s provision of an up-close-and-personal ocean experience. With private villas and suites littered across the shallows of the island, this hotel is sure to keep you dazed and amazed. This exclusive island is the perfect way to enjoy the sea in all its calmness and tranquility and is the best for enjoying a relaxed and romantic weekend with a partner… or maybe just a treat-yourself weekend to unwind and rediscover? I’d choose the latter. This place is a little pricey, so if you really have your heart set on staying here, you might wanna start saving up ASAP.


I feel like there’s nothing more that I can really tell you about this notably wild and beautiful place. Oh Goa. Glorious Goa. A place full of girl code breaking and dude gang stereotypes. It’s the Las Vegas of India; a place where aunties come for the beaches and bachelors come. Just come. And we all know why.

But one aspect the highly cliched (and in my opinion, overrated) Goa, is the fact that it has a lot of water sports centers. Scuba Diving, in particular, is one activity you should try out in the Sin State if you’re looking to do something other than exploring churches, beaches, and nightlife. You’ll be surprised by the number of non-sexual things you can scratch off your bucket list.

So there it is. The places you gotta check out if you’re a fan of the sea and all it has to offer! It’s crazy to think that all of these places are located in the ocean, but they’re all so different in landscape and features. But in the end, they’re all a part of the sea and the great planet we are so fortunate to call home. And these places only aide in helping people learn and understand more about the depths beauty of this wondrous paradise, and all of its friends.  




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